The Best “Low Spec MMORPG” in 2022 | MMO’s You Can Play on Low End PCs

The Best "Low Spec MMORPG" in 2022 | MMO's You Can Play on Low End PCs

People often come to me asking “Hey Stix, what are some MMOs you’d recommend for people that have a Lalafel for a computer?” And while I’d question how you could trust a Lalafel after what happened with the Sultana in Ul’Dah, this is my response.

Now these games aren’t necessarily the best MMOs. I have a separate list for those available, but these are definitely some of the better options out there if you don’t have the tech capable of running something like Black Desert or Final Fantasy XIV.

Now let’s jump right in.

Allods Online


We’ll be tackling this alphabetically, beginning with Allods Online. Allods was once considered to be the “WoW killer,” the term “imitation is the finest form of flattery” is not to be understated here, with Allods both looking and playing like a higher definition WoW at the time.
It had a similar selection of classes to choose from. Similar races. A similar cartoony graphical style. It utilizes a full tab-target combat system, had voice acting. Honestly, everything about Allods Online was incredibly high quality.
If it weren’t for the publisher behind the game, I daresay this would be considered one of the better free MMOs out there, but it was inhibited by a significant pay to win business model, and thus buckled under the weight of the publishers’ greed.
Nevertheless, disregarding pay to win, this was such a fun MMO to play.

DC Universe Online


Despite some people arguing there are a lot of issues with DC Universe Online, I’ve found it to be nothing but entertaining.
Having so much freedom and control over your character is almost unparallelled within the genre. Not only being able to customize their physical appearance, but their super powers – things like flight, super speed, super strength. And lesser abilities like elemental affinity. Invisibility. You name it, you can probably do it.
Which allows for some seriously sick class archetypes. It also features characters right out of DC Comics: Batman, The Joker, The Flash, Reverse Flash. So if you’re a comic book fan, this is a story – a collection of stories you won’t want to miss. And the voice cast? Unmatched.
The combat was a unique hybrid between tab-target and action, with different abilities allowing for each respective style. And graphically? For an MMO set in a modern era, it looked pretty good. Especially given its age.

Dragon Nest


Dragon Nest is generally considered to have some of the best action combat, and PvP in the entire MMO genre. And while I never got to participate in the PvP at any point in time during streaming, I did play it for roughly 20 hours straight.
And in that time, I did in fact get to witness the combat, which – at least from the class I chose, was pretty damn good given when this was released. I think people’s perception of the combat is largely due to nostalgia, but I can definitely agree it is one of the better combat systems employed in the Anime-scene.
This game is a hub-MMO, one of 2 included in this list. Meaning that it isn’t open-world like the vast majority of titles. You’ll encounter players within towns and cities, but otherwise, the majority of content takes the form of cycling through hundreds of dungeons.
Graphically, it holds up fairly well. It’s got a pretty unique graphical style to it that I really haven’t seen in other MMOs. Its story though.. is like reading a 2,000 page book. Every 30 minutes.

Dragon Raja


Soul Worker Online has always and likely will always be one of my favorite Anime MMOs. Yes, it’s a hub-MMO but at the same time, it offers so many different towns, so many different maps to run that it really doesn’t feel nearly as bad as some others in the genre.
It’s only been available in the West for a couple years now and I’m gonna be real here.. while Gameforge aren’t really the greatest publisher, and have kinda run the game into the ground a little bit, it’s worth noting that that doesn’t make it any less fun.
This is a beautiful game that has equally as good combat, allowing you to bind several abilities to your hotbar, and bind combos on to the end of one another, allowing for you to customize how your abilities follow up from one another.
I know the population in Soul Worker’s actually a little on the low end right now, and it makes sense as to why, but this is one of the most Anime-ish MMOs you’ll find and I cannot recommend it enough – I always have.

Dungeon Fighter Online


This is the only other hub-MMO in this list. And is arguably also what I believe to be the best action MMO available across the entire MMO genre.
Dungeon Fighter Online has seemingly infinite depth in terms of class diversity, with each class having their own unique story to be told. It has a gorgeous art style that isn’t replicated in any other MMO I’ve seen.
Its action combat is some of the fastest, flashiest, chaotic mess of ability spam I’ve ever seen that always leaves me seizing up in my seat after playing for prolonged periods of time.
And while it’s a hub-MMO, it’s also different in so that it employs a horizontal style of gameplay. Allowing you to move left, right, and very slightly up and down. This is also the most played MMO in the world, thanks largely in part to China.

Dungeons and Dragons Online


Yes, there’s actually an MMO based on the popular Dungeons and Dragons intellectual property. Why wouldn’t there be, right?
And admittedly, given how old this game is… it’s actually pretty damn good. Now, I will preface this by stating that I’ve only played it for a couple hours total, but in my time spent playing, I witnessed a need for strategy, dungeon-crawling, an action combat system.
The makings of a great quality MMO. However it’s so obscure, that almost nobody knows it exists. I’m honestly not certain as to why that is. I guess maybe this will help, just a little bit, in aiding in exposure for the game.
If you haven’t played it yet – you honestly need to try. Think Neverwinter.. but.. more Dungeons and Dragon-y.



Flyff. The first MMO I played to allow for aerial exploration. Man, those were truly the days. Back when I first played this I thought it was your everyday run of the mill generic Anime MMO. And then I got my first broomstick and took to the skies and I immediately fell in love.
I powered through all the way to level 55? I think? And got my 2nd? 3rd class advancement. Holy crap I miss the days when every zone was packed with players. But enough about the past.
Flyff definitely looks a little dated, and its tab-target combat most definitely leaves a little to be.. desired. But what it does, it still does better than the vast majority of its competition. There’s a reason it’s still significantly more played than games like Fiesta, Eden Eternal, Grand Fantasia and the rest.
And you can fly. Which you can’t in any of the other titles listed.



Mabinogi is arguably the most unique type of MMO I’ve ever played. It’s a full-fledged MMO with an emphasis on the social aspect of the genre.
Sure, it allows for you to engage enemies in combat. It utilizes an interesting tab-target rock-paper-scissors break combat system. Has a large world to explore. Dungeons to run. A very simple yet effectively unique graphical style.
But it also allows for you to get a job. Rebirth. And creates so many opportunities to craft your social life that just aren’t present anywhere else. Peria Chronicles was supposed to further elaborate on and highlight this unique style of gameplay but unfortunately.. instead we’re left with no definitive successor at present.
Which is fine, because Mabinogi is still a fantastic game.



This is the last hub-MMO I’ll include here – but at the same time, Dungeon Fighter Online is the most populated MMO in the entire world. Yeah, no kidding. It isn’t in North America or Europe, but has several million Chinese players logged in concurrently – yeah, it has more players logged in at any time than WoW over an entire month.
Crazy, right? I’m honestly not sure why that is, as while Dungeon Fighter is a very good game, it really is, I don’t think it’s THAT good where it is more played and more profitable than any other game in.. the entire world?
It has some pretty crazy, fantastic looking action combat, don’t get me wrong, it has some really great class diversity and customization, and it looks great for the type of game it is.
It also has a variety of different hubs and a very deep, rich story. I daresay it’s one of if not the best hub-MMO out there, but at the same time.. more popular than any other MMO? I don’t think so.
Regardless, if you’re into side-scrolling brawlers, or – well, if you like what you see, then this might be just what you’re after!

Perfect World


This is the second MMO I ever played, directly after I left Tales of Pirates. I spent a total of 2 years within Perfect World, and spent thousands of dollars on cosmetics, and HP/MP charms.
This was, at the time I played it back in 2008, one of the best looking MMOs I’d ever seen. It had a completely open world. No loading screens. No segregated zones. Nothing. Everything, with the exception of dungeons, was accessible and doable with a group of players.
The game is honestly still one of the better quality games out there: Not in terms of pay to win or free to play friendliness. But its tab-target combat. Its use of individual statistics to custom-build your character. Heck, even its new zones and races all look incredible.
It’s just so horrendously pay to win that it almost ruins any fun you might have in it. Well, unless you’re only into PvE. Which is fine if you are. I’m a masive PvPer though, so it was very evident the difference in power between a free player and a whale.



RIFT used to be a paid, premium title. And it shows. This was once a great quality game. Trion and Gamigo tried to stuff pay to win down players’ throats, however, and definitely destroyed a part of what made the game as great as it once was.
But like most free titles – if pay to win doesn’t bother you, or you have no interest in PvP, it’s absolutely no issue what so ever. And if we disregard pay to win, RIFT is one of the best tab-target MMOs available.
It features a massive open world for players to explore. A faction-based PvP and race system. A deep, rich narrative. Fantastic quality graphics.
If handled better, this could have been the #1 fully free to play MMORPG. Alas, while the game is still a lot of fun.. it just doesn’t quite hit the mark.

Scarlet Blade


This one is for those of you with a certain.. cultured inclination. You know what I’m talking about.
Honestly, this game is pretty basic. You have a large segregated world to explore. You have a hybrid tab-target and action combat system that allows for you to freely use attacks without a target at times.
Its world is pretty flat and otherwise linear, but where this game really excels, is – and I know for an MMO this is kind of.. unusual, but – its plot. Much like Blade & Soul, Scarlet Blade has an incredibly large focus on booba. On booty. On putting your characters in the most lewd things you could imagine.
And that is how it has lived on for so many years after being shut down via private server.

Toram Online


Toram Online is the only other cross-platform MMO in this list. Much like Dragon Raja, it launched as a mobile MMO exclusively, and many years later ported over to PC. Toram had a very successful transition – one it desparately needed as this game honestly plays incredibly well on PC.
This isn’t your typical MMO. On the contrary, it’s something else entirely: It’s like a JRPG.. that you can technically play with other players. So something akin to Final Fantasy XIV. Which – naturally. It’s an MMO made in Japan. They always carry a certain quality to them.
And much like the aforementioned title, it features a very lore-rich narrative, segregated world, and tab-target combat system.
Honestly, though, this game is massive. And such a solid addition to the PC MMO genre that you would be doing it a disservice by disregarding it. And on the plus side? You can log in on your mobile device, too.

And there we have it. A list of.. oh god I don’t even know how many MMOs. 12? 14? Too many. If you can’t find an MMO to play on a low-end PC, then I’m sorry to say: You’re outta luck, ’cause one doesn’t exist.

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