The Best Free To Play MMORPGs Of 2017 – Part 2!

The Best Free To Play MMORPGs Of 2017 - Part 2!

Before I get into anything, I would like to inform you guys that this list will be a continuation to our previous Top free to play MMORPG list, and therefore none of the games listed there will be found in this list, thus it being (Part 2)!

With that out of the way, I’ll be talking to you guys about what I believe are The Best Free To Play MMORPGs (discluding the previously mentioned MMOs.)

Champions Online

One of the very few superhero MMORPGs on the market. Although admittedly not as good in my opinion gameplay-wise, Champions Online is nevertheless an incredibly entertaining MMORPG. It has a lesser focus on story elements and a larger emphasis on freedom to do what you want and create what you want than its competitor, DC Universe Online. I am not comparing the two, simply stating that the reason Champions Online is on this list is because of the freedom the game gives you and the quirky style of game it is. From what we’ve seen it doesn’t take itself seriously. And that is part of its charm. Along with a very advanced character creator – Champions Online is gives you more freedom over everything than any other superhero MMORPG right now. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the gameplay in Champions isn’t that great though. Combat is good, but super powers are definitely not as fancy as they are in DC Universe Online. Which is fine. This list isn’t about the best gameplay – it’s about the best MMORPGs as a whole!

Pokemon Revolution

Right off the bat, this isn’t an MMO normally found in top videos, however I believe it deserves to shine, as it’s an absolutely fun game, as it is in essence a traditional Pokemon styled game, with the added bonus of being Online; able to play alongside your friends. Trade Pokemon, duel each other, etc. Let’s go over the basics so you understand what Pokemon Revolution is all about. You start off, like any normal Pokemon game, get your starter Pokemon, fight your rival, which by the way is a little brat. You’ll take on gym leaders, so far like a normal Pokemon right? However Pokemon Revolution has amped up the difficulty, lowered the experience gained, tweeked some other key features to make the game more enjoyable, an not as easy. Not only that, but you can have your Pokemon follow you around, and even ride them as a mount, instead of a bike for instance. All in all, if you like Pokemon games, you’ll love this MMO, it’s got everything that makes Pokemon awesome, whilst adding on to it.

Black Desert Online

Probably not a surprise to see Black Desert in a top video by now I’m sure, however Black Desert, whilst often being praised as It’s a truly open world MMORPG, it also gets just as much criticism, surprisingly. But before I get into why that is, let’s go over the basics. Black Desert as I mentioned has a truly open world, you can go as far as you can see, whether or not that’s by riding any number of the varied types of land mounts found within Black desert online, like horses, camels and even elephants. That’s not all though, you can also sail the high seas, on your very own ship. Maybe even becoming a pirate along the way! Black Desert let’s you do whatever it is you want to do. So long as you have enough in-game currancy, which brings me to what many people preseave as a flaw. Grinding. So if you’ve played any MMORPG before you’ll know grinding if a fundimantle part of MMOs. Most if not all MMORPGs at some point will require you to grinding, whether that’s grinding monsters or grinding for items.. ugh apexis crystals. However Black Desert Online (or BDO) is considered my a large majority of people as a grindfest. You find yourself grinding for in-game currency. You’ll need to grind to level up, which I guess is an obvious statement, however couple the fact that there’s no level cap, and each level up makes you slightly better then the level prier, and in essence giving you that slight advantage over other people, The grind never really ends so long as you want to keep that advantage. Although while it is considered a grindy MMORPG, this feature is also loved by avid Black Desert Players, as it keeps them actually playing the game, not to mention.. grinding isn’t that boring when the combat in Black Desert is amazing. Black Desert Online while it has it’s problems, and some people consider it grindy and other spout P2W, it’s a fantastic MMORPG to sink your time into. It has great combat, fantastic visuales and character models. It has tons of features such as crafting, sailing, farming, player housing, fishing like, so much fishing! Open world PvP. It has a huge selection of classes to choose between, there’s even ERPing, wait what? *cough* Black Desert Online is; at least in my opinion an MMORPG you should try at least once, and decide for yourself whether or not it’s an game you would like to sink your time into.

Monster Hunter Online

Monster Hunter Online is in this list because we’ve played quite a lot of it recently. It’s an incredibly addicting MMORPG just like its console brethren and we just can’t seem to get enough of it. It is just like its console counterparts, you have your quest hub, you have other hunters there, you get kill quests and you go out into the world and mess those monsters up. Everything is instanced, but it’s possible to play together with friends and meet new people just chilling around the main town quest hub as well! Since the entire premise of the game is to go out and kill huge monsters, it would be a problem if the combat were not up to par, right? Thankfully the combat in Monster Hunter Online is incredibly fun and entertaining, although nothing ridiculous like Black Desert Online. As Monster Hunter Online’s combat has more weight to it, if that makes sense. Each hit costs stamina, when you swing large weapons you can’t immediately move away, etc. This can make the combat feel slower, but it hads another element to the game, so you don’t just swing randomly at your foe’s. Monster Hunter Online, much like its non MMO counter part also has an in-depth crafting system. Those of you familiar with Monster Hunter games, will no doubt feel right at home. Graphically, Monster Hunter looks #amaze. It really does. The game looks beautiful, the character models look fantastic, and the environments that we’ve traversed thus far look very unique! The only complaint I’ve seen regarding Monster Hunter Online, is that the monsters themselves are at times, very prodictable in comparison to other Monster Hunter titles, and therefore it is considered to be easier then other Monster Hunter games. I can’t personally say whether or not that is the case, as I’m not far enough through Monster Hunter to give an accurate opinion in this regard, however I still thought it worth mentioning. In Essence, if you love Monster Hunter games, you will love this, as it has all the hallmarks as a non MMO Monster hunter title, with the added bonus of graphics, and the ability to play together.

Soul Worker Online

Soul Worker.) Before I get into what Soul Worker is, do note it is in Japanese. The reason it is still on this list is because, there’s an English patch, that patches about 90% of the entire game in English. We’re not talking broken English either, it’s proper, correct English for the most part, better that some official translations for some MMORPGs. If you’d like to know how to get into Soul Worker, then you can check out Stix’ guide video for help. With that out of the way, let’s actually go over what Soul Worker is, and why it’s on this list! Soul Worker is an action, anime inspired MMORPG. You may be thinking, isn’t this just another one of those hack n slash MMORPGs? And the short answer is.. kinda? While it is true that Soul Worker does a large emphasis on combat, and you complete instanced off dungeons like you would in other action MMOs like Vindictus. However unlike other action games, where you’re based in one singular quest hub, in Soul Worker, as you continue with the story quests and story related content you unlock more quest hubs or “towns” with new visuals and fill with new NPCs some of which that can be recruited to assist you in battle, as companions, and plethora of new quests to take. So generally, the main reason Soul Worker deserves to be on this list is as follows, It’s graphically beautiful, with cell shaded anime styled graphics. Engaging, fast paced fluid combat, that can make even boring quests fun. it looks great while you fight as well as the spell effects are top tier, and general amount of mayhem you can cause is insane. Soul Worker; for an instanced off, action MMORPG also has a surprisingly good story, as your character actually has a personality, and talks during most story related instances, coupled with tons of cutsceens. Soul Worker sets itself apart from other action MMORPGs

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    Phong Tran Reply
    Jun 27, 2017 @ 7:06 am

    Where is the thumbnail from?

  • author image
    Andrew Reply
    Jul 6, 2017 @ 5:53 am

    Anyway, I figured I’d leave a comment here as this is probably a better place than the Youtube video comments. I’m curious what led you to believe that BDO was F2P, and do you still think along those lines? I think you need to consider your audience. Even if you still think BDO is F2P, it’s apparent in the Youtube comments that your viewers do not. If you build on (arguably) small differences like this, you may find your desired audience choosing to ignore your content.

    Instanced vs open-world
    character customization vs pre-made characters
    character locked classes / gender locked classes / race locked classes / unspecialized classes
    IP blocking / log in queues

    These are all topics that I’ve seen you or others get confused about with somewhat serious backlash (in comments anyway, I don’t really follow subscriber stats).

    It’s all okay though. In 6 years when I release my own MMO, no one will talk about anything else and these problems will be a thing of the future’s past.

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