The Best Free To Play Anime MMORPGs To Play RIGHT NOW In 2017!

The Best Free To Play Anime MMORPGs To Play RIGHT NOW In 2017!

The Best Anime MMORPGs!
Are you interested in Anime MMORPGs? If the answer is yes, then please, allow me to walk you through my personal list of some of the best Anime inspired MMORPGs available to play right now.

Soul Worker Online

Soul Worker is an Action MMORPG yet to grace our Western shores, much to our dismay. Nevertheless, with a fully functional English patch available and a small VPN workaround, Soul Worker is completely playable in.. well, mostly.. acceptable English. It’s passable. I mean, you can play it and understand it. The combat in Soul Worker is probably one of the best parts of the MMORPG for me as I have played MMORPGs like Black Desert, Blade and Soul, TERA and Phantasy Star Online 2, and in my honest opinion.. Soul Worker absolutely nails it as my favorite combat system in an MMORPG. Graphically, Soul Worker is a very Anime inspired MMORPG. I mean, it’s probably the most Anime MMORPG out there you can find and it is beyond gorgeous. I couldn’t even imagine how an open world MMORPG would look if they took inspiration from Soul Worker’s graphical style.


Mabinogi is a very old Anime MMORPG. It’s one of the most unique MMORPG out there featuring a huge open world that you can tackle in literally any form and fashion you deem you want to. You can tackle various jobs and professions, you can explore, you can grind. Mabinogi really has an amazing variety of things to do in it that surprisingly no other MMORPG really utilizes. Mabinogi has aged quite a bit since its initial release, however that doesn’t change the fact that the game still holds up well enough to be playable. Graphically, it could definitely use an update but in reality people seem to have enjoyed it all these years as it is, so it may end up hurting it the long run. The combat in Mabinogi is a little slow at the beginning, but as you continue through the game it really picks up, making for some decent combat in the end. Mabinogi’s selling point is the freedom to do whatever you want, though, and that is why it is on this list. Being able to navigate the world at your own pace and do what you want as you want to is just so.. refreshing.

Dragon Nest

Dragon Nest, is Free to play Action MMORPG set in a medieval fantasy world and like most other action MMORPGS, is instanced. Dragon Nest has a large emphasis on combat, and it does a great job at that, with 9 classes, that can branch into 2 different classes, with unique playstyles, and weaponry. But before you get too exited, the classes are gender locked. That being said, it’s not just another action MMORPG, it also has a great story, with cut scenes and all which is often lacking in these types of MMORPGs. In terms of graphics Dragon nest is really pretty, in a simple kind of way. It’s got well detailed areas, monsters and characters. with flashy and smooth combat. Dragons Nest is a must if you’re looking for a fun action MMORPG.

Closers Online

Closers is another Action MMORPG that, once again, has yet to hit our good ‘ol Western shores. Although to clarify, it does have a confirmed Western release date now, so we no longer have to ponder whether or not an English release will ever be a possibility. Closers is more or less a side scrolling Action MMORPG that takes you through a plethora of varying levels as you progress through its story. It doesn’t have any form of character creation, but does have a heavy amount of character customization – at least, outfit-wise. Yes, there is an insane amount of costumes and outfits available in Closers which makes for an entertaining way to pass time. Graphically, Closers looks like it was going for a very Anime theme with its style and really ended up capturing the essence and feeling of a fun fantasy Anime world. Coupled with its in-depth combat system, Closers is probably my favorite level-based side scrolling Action Beat ’em up Anime MMORPG out there!

Twin Saga

Twin Saga is the spiritual successor to Aura Kingdom. Published by Aeria Games, generally considered one of the best Western publishers of MMORPGs in the entire market for their totally not pay to win titles and the fact that they wholeheartedly love their games, never once even thinking to cancel any of them. Yup. Twin Saga actually improves on the environmental aspect of Aura Kindgom while simultaneously making the characters look significantly more chibi. Which is a letdown as I liked Aura Kingdom’s character models. Which isn’t to say Twin Saga’s are bad, they’re pretty good in all honesty. Although there isn’t much in the way of character customization. Combat in Twin Saga is tab-target, which is surprisingly handled pretty well, and the fact that the ping issues aren’t as prominent in Twin Saga as they are in Aura Kingdom make for a better experience overall. Overall, Twin Saga is a huge improvement over Aura Kingdom except with regards to the character models. But that’s easy to get over.

Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is the oldest MMORPG in this list, dating back to an age where MMORPGs were significantly less flashy, and instead, offered quite a bit more customization for its players. The sheer amount of classes in Ragnarok Online makes for an altoholic’s wet dream. There are so many classes, so many advancements, and so many combinations you can match up that you’ll be there forever deciding on what to play. Couple that with some of best looking sprite graphics in the MMORPG genre and you have a clear hit. Which is no wonder it dominated the genre for so many years, and is still actively played today. Combat is nothing fancy, but the customization offered, along with the style of the game make up for it. Don’t let its age fool you. Ragnarok Online is quite the MMORPG if you invest time into it.

Digimon Masters Online

Digimon Masters Online is probably one of the coolest Anime inspired MMORPGs out there. It offers a catch-and-train system that is similar to other MMORPGs like Riders of Icarus, Dragon’s Prophet and more, bu t it handles it very differently. You’re given the option to both capture, and train Digimon like you would in a traditional Digimon game, which if you’re a Digimon fan, like me, this will literally be right up your alley. Digimon Masters handles the graphical style of Digimon incredibly well, making me feel as though I’m in the Digimon: Data Squad Anime with fantastically detailed character models and Digimon, along with real-world and fantasy environments. Combat in Digimon Masters is also unique as it’s not traditional turn based, but instead, you send in your Digimon to fight fo you using an alotted amount of skills that you’re given the option of cycling through. Truly, one of the more unique and more interesting titles on this list if not purely for the fact that you are much more detached from the world and your Digimon instead takes on enemies for you, not to mention is the one that actually grows in strength as it levels.


PokeMMO is – as you may have already guessed it – a Pokemon themed MMORPG. Built from the ground up around the Kanto and Hoenn regions of the game, PokeMMO takes you all the way back to when you first started playing Pokemon. Back in the days when Pokemon was simple. Not that it’s complicated these days by any means. Nevertheless, PokeMMO looks and feels like a traditional Pokemon game which makes for an amazing experience if you’re any kind of Pokemon fan. Traditional turn based combat, perfectly-replicated environments, the ability to party up with other players and have some co-op fun, and the fact that you’re actually capable of progressing through the game makes PokeMMO.. incredible. I honestly couldn’t stop playing PokeMMO after starting as it was just too much fun. If you’re not a Pokemon fan though it may not really.. appeal to you. By today’s standards, the combat and graphics are probably terrible, but the fact is.. It’s an amazing Online Pokemon MMORPG.

Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal looks like your typical generic Anime Inspired MMORPG, but underneath it’s got a class system similar to that of Maplestory and FFXIV. In Eden Eternal you can change your classes whenever you want just like in FFXIV. That’s not all though, your classes can upgrade as you level up, becoming stronger versions with more powerful skills. AKA, Warrior turning into a Knight, or a Hunter turning into Ranger. The combat in Eden Eternal is your typical tab-target combat, but it’s by no means boring, the skill animations and effects are very nice and so are the graphics. Nothing like Aura kingdom, granted, but while it has better graphics, Eden Eternal just generally plays better.


MapleStory is just one of those old school MMORPG that manages to remain relevant even in todays harsh market do to adictability of the combat and a massive world to explore. Whilst MapleStory may be a side scroller, and to many, going left and right as a way of travel can be boring, MapleStory does a great job at making the areas seem fun, and different somehow. The classes in MapleStory work a little different then in other MMORPGs, in MapleStory you choose your base class, and once you’ve reached a certain level, your class advances to the next stage, which unlocks new amazing skills, that can completely change the way your class was playing initially. Addictive combat and pretty sprites isn’t all though, MapleStory has the funniest NPCs, and quest ever found in an MMORPG, from taking quests to make a mushroom princess smile, to getting trapped on island with talking to a flower. To summarize MapleStory is a rollercoster ride, it has it’s ups and it’s downs, and you may throw up but you always enjoy the ride.

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