The Alchemist Code – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

The Alchemist Code - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

I know some of you requested I take a look at THE ALCHEMIST CODE, so I did, but let me preface this by stating that actually playing the game is a struggle in and of itself.
While there was an initial download, much like every game ever, after downloading the game and beginning the tutorials, there were 3-8MB downloads. Every mission. Even prior to the missions themselves – even just to get into each of the tutorials. This was after I had completely downloaded the game.

So we start things off with a big fight between Logi and Dias, two best friends who also happen to love the same girl. The reason they’re fighting has nothing to do with her though – more that they just have a disagreement and the only way to resolve that is.. through killing one another.
So you fight. Then you get thrown into a bunch of different tutorials – or at least what I believe are tutorials, as they allow me to skip the battles all together. I skipped so many battles that I almost thought it was a feature in the game!

As this is an RPG, you can bet there’s both a Chapter and a Mission system in place. Each Chapter has several Missions, and each Mission is essentially just a small-scale skirmish with a couple different enemies.
I played through the entire first Chapter and didn’t really see anything change – or the enemy types change, but I’m sure they do as you continue on.. right?
The constant downloading, often twice per Mission really turned me off of the game though, even if the combat was kind of fun.
The combat took place on a grid, and had you alternate turns with the enemy, moving your units around the map to get within close enough proximity to engage them.
They warned of things like “don’t leave yourself facing away from the enemy as they’ll deal additional damage!” But when you can hire a Mercenary before each fight, and that Mercenary can literally destroy every enemy unit on the field within the first turn… yeah there isn’t any option for that.

I hired mercenaries because I felt like it’d be a good means with which to gauge the combat, the special abilities and to see how different characters functioned, and as such I let the battles auto-fight themselves.
And man were they powerful, making my heroes look like 1* trash.
I can’t imagine how powerful these characters must be in PvP or any type of competitive content, my god.

The game itself looked pretty good though. The maps you’d do combat in, the character models, the combat and special abilities – they were all really good.
Nothing amazing, but enough where I feel as though it’s high enough quality to enjoy long-term.
But I can’t – not having to download twice per Mission, no thank you.

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