The 16 Most Popular Gacha Games of August 2022

The 16 Most Popular Gacha Games of August 2022

It’s that time of the month again! When statistics are released onto Sensortower for our favorite Gacha games – and we get to see which rose, and which fell, who reigns supreme, and who is being left falling into obscurity.
Do note: Tower of Fantasy is not included in this list as it just launched Globally in the last 48 hours, and earnings within China are so insignificant they’re not worth mentioning.

Genshin Impact is back at #1 again, earning a grand total of $92 million dollars Globally, and featuring 4 million new downloads. This is down from the $105 million dollars earned last month.
Uma Musume is back down to #2, after briefly entering #1 2 months ago, with $57 million dollars earned between Japan and Korea – yes, the game just rolled out in Korea, with a Global release slated.. for some time in the future. Uma Musume accrued 330,000 downloads in total.
Fate Grand Order came in at #3 – destroying its competition. With $48 million dollars earned Globally and 280,000 total downloads. This game somehow continues to pull these insane numbers out of a significantly smaller playerbase – showing the power of the Fate intellectual property.
Diablo Immoral comes in at #4 – c’mon guys, you know this was coming, with $35 million dollars in total earnings, and a million downloads. For comparison: Last month the game saw $38 million dollars in earnings and 14 million downloads. A sharp decline in new players, but relatively steady revenue.
Project Sekai comes in at #5 with $18 million dollars earned and 800,000 new downloads Globally.
Heaven Burns Red is always in the top 10, coming at #6 this month with $13 million dollars earned and a mere 50,000 new downloads. I think this game is beginning to reach the limits of its potential audience.
At #7 is Summoners War, with $13 million dollars earned Globally, and 80,000 new downloads. Surprisingly low downloads given its large sum of earnings.
At #8 is Blue Archive, with $11.2 million dollars earned and 210,000 new downloads. For reference, $10 million of this was from within Japan. Global only made a mere million dollars.
Arknights comes in at #9, with $8.9 million dollars and 120,000 new downloads. $6 million of this is earned exclusively through Japan.
Shironeko holds the #10 position, with $8 million dollars earned and 60,000 new downloads within Japan exclusively. Once more, showing that it is likely reaching the limits of its Japanese audience.
THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT STAGE comes in at #11 with $6 million dollars earned and 12,000 new downloads. This franchise earns a lot, but mostly through diehard fans. As is evidenced by how little new players they reach.
Epic Seven comes in at #12 with $5 million dollars earned, and 220,000 new downloads, most of which came Globally.
Azur Lane holds the #13 spot, with $4.5 million dollars earned and 105,000 new downloads. This many years after releasing, as well, which is genuinely surprising to see.
Princess Connect comes in at #14 with $4.4 million dollars earned and 44,000 new downloads.
Punishing Gray Raven holds the #15 placement, with $3.7 million dollars earned and 277,000 new downloads. Most of which were generated Globally.
#16 is Honkai Impact 3rd, with $2.9 million dollars earned and 388,000 new downloads. Which is actually a significantly larger number than I’d expected given its low earnings.
And.. they’re the 16 most downloaded, highest earning Gacha games of August 2022.
Counter:Side and Artery Gear Fusion are sitting at roughly a million dollars or less in total earnings, proving that they have absolutely no lasting presence or power. Much to the dismay of their respective communities.
I’m curious to see how Tower of Fantasy and the rest of August’s Gacha games do over the next few months.

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