TERA’s New “Guardians of the Sky” Update Brings New Aerial Missions, Dragon Mounts

"Guardians of the Sky" Adds New Missions to TERA

New aerial content is coming to TERA on August 14. With the release of two new Guardian Legion missions – players will take to the skies – on new dragon mounts, to boot! Gloom, Dusk and Storm are new mounts that offer a variety of HP/MP restoration passives, along with other passive skills that boost Critical Power.

The first of two new quests, Search and Destroy, will have players attempt to stop alien invaders through knocking their drones out of the sky. After enough drones have been destroyed, the invaders, along with their mothership flee. The second of two new quests, Rhapsody of Wind and Fire will task players with the collection of various orbs used to destroy Desert Wraith, allowing Sky Whales room to pass through.

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