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Tera Anniversary Celebrations

author image by Rapthorne | News TERA | 0 Comments | 28 Apr 2018
Happy 6th Birthday, Tera! Tera Anniversary? Teraversary? I remember when Tera launched, it was the hot new thing that everyone was playing, and it didn't feel like it was very long ago, but now the game-changing action combat MMORPG is turning... Read more

GameForge Announces Server Merges for TERA EU

author image by Rapthorne | News TERA | 0 Comments | 20 Apr 2018
TERA EU Mergers Announced For May GameForge - TERA's EU publisher - has announced server merges will be taking place at "the beginning of May". The following server merges are planned: 1 PvE server (EN): Sikander will be added to... Read more

Godsfall Update Coming To Tera

author image by Rapthorne | News TERA | 3 Comments | 12 Apr 2018
Godsfall Introduces New Skills and A Story Based Quest Line Godsfall is Tera's latest content update, and it introduces the new  "Apex" skills to 7 classes; Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Warrior, Mystic, Priest and Slayer. More classes are due to get... Read more

Action MMORPG TERA Releases Male Brawler

author image by Rapthorne | Action MMORPG News TERA | 0 Comments | 14 Mar 2018
The Male Brawler Has Arrived! En Masse's flagship, the action MMORPG Tera, has added a lot of classes since it's release. One of the major issues with these releases, however, is that a lot of them have been female-only. Today one... Read more

Male Brawler and Console Release Dates Scheduled for March 2018 in TERA: Counterpunch Update

author image by ByteStix | News TERA | 0 Comments | 23 Feb 2018
TERA Launches New Counterpunch Update En Masse Entertainment have announced plans for the next update titled "Counterpunch", that brings with it a new class, or.. at least the removal of gender-locking on a specific class, along with its official console... Read more

Is The Anime MMORPG Genre Dead? The Last Few Anime MMORPGs Worth Playing!

author image by ByteStix | Articles Aura Kingdom Black Desert Online Blade and Soul Closers Online Guild Wars 2 Mabinogi Phantasy Star Online 2 Soul Worker Online TERA | 0 Comments | 08 Oct 2017

Back in the early to late 2000s, Anime MMORPGs used to be kings of the MMORPG genre. There were a plethora of games to play and the Anime MMO scene was thriving and seemed well and secure. So, what happened?…

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TERA: Rising Game Review

author image by Wigglsby | Is It Worth Playing? TERA | 1 Comment | 13 Jun 2017
TERA Synopsis TERA is a beautiful action based MMORPG with a plethora of Races and Classes to choose between, where you can explore a "mostly" open world, by traveling through the sky, with a huge selection of flying mounts. Or... Read more


author image by ByteStix | TERA | 0 Comments | 30 Apr 2017

Yes, more TERA! And to top it off – more double Gunner DPS! TERA: Rising is still one of our favorite MMORPGs, and with the recent dungeon overhaul Wiggy and I figured it would be the perfect time to try…

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TERA: Rising – Testing Out The New Valkyrie Class!

author image by ByteStix | TERA | 0 Comments | 12 Apr 2017

So the new Valkyrie class was released in the last 24 hours so we thought why not take this opportunity to jump in and test out TERA’s new class? We’ve tested out Gunner, Brawler, Ninja all in the past, and…

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Tera – The Ultimate Leveling.. Guide?

author image by ByteStix | TERA | 0 Comments | 02 Feb 2017

So upon further inspection (leveling a secondary character), we have found the leveling process in TERA to be quite a bit slower than we remember. It could be that we were simply doing every quest we could and breezing through…

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