TERA Receives First Large Update Since Being Acquired by Gameforge

TERA Receives First Large Update Since Being Acquired by Gameforge

It’s been a little bit now since Gameforge took direct control over publishing TERA in North America from En Masse, and things have been going over pretty smoothly from what I’ve heard.

Granted, I haven’t personally jumped in-game to verify that information, though. Regardless, Gameforge revealed the first in many updates coming to the game: The new Catalepticon dungeon with brand new gear to acquire, new bosses to engage and more.
According to the developers, they actually have plans on doing monthly updates going into the future, something that En Masse (when it still actively published the game within North America) could never maintain. It’s unconfirmed what specifically they plan on introducing into the game – new classes, regions.
I believe they’ll remain specific to the console incarnation of the game, but it’s definitely good news to see the PC version continuing to be developed.

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