TERA is Getting a New Class!

Hello Everyone, my name is wiggy! and today I’m going to be talking about TERA’s upcoming class!

So If you’ve been living under a rock for years, or generally don’t keep up to date with MMO’s, TERA is an open world Action MMO-RPG, and for once, the RPG part isn’t a lie, yay right? TERA was released in 2011, and went free too play in 2013, since then they’ve flourished, despite that fact that people continue to say TERA is a dead game, having personally made new characters recently, both the tutorial area and beginning area have people running about, while there isn’t as many people running around in every zone, you still see people.

Since going free too play TERA has added 4 new classes, said classes being, Reaper, a fast duel scythe wielder, however it does start at level 50, and is exclusive to the Elin race, or as everyone calls them, “the Loli race”. Next was the Gunner, as it’s name implies, it wields a giant gun, and well it shoots monsters with it! This class is also race locked however said races are Castanic and Elf Female. Moving onto the Brawler class! This class uses two giant metal fist as weapons that you’ll use to unleash devastating combo’s upon your enemies! I’ve seen it in action.. it’s pretty badass. Once again however it is race locked, this time to Human Female. Next we’ve got the Ninja! What to say.. Well Ninja is a Elin exclusive class, and you wield a giant Shuriken! hmm.. I’m starting too see a pattern here.. also a combo heavy class, like Brawler and Reaper. Now you’re caught up on the classes that have been released so far, lets talk about
the new one on the way!

The new class on it’s way to TERA is a Castanic Female exclusive class called Paragon.. Moondance..? no, Sentinel? or was it Valkyrie? Well to be honest they’re not sure what it’s called! En Masse Entertainment has stated that the direct translation of the class name, leaves a little to be desired so, they’ve left the naming of the class to you guys! well..not you guys specifically.. I mean the people on TERA’s forums. Though if you’d like to help decide what the new class is called you could always just make an account! The Sentinel Par-moon-valkyrie is a glaive wielder, not much else is really known about the class, however I’ll keep you updated as we learn more!

Thank you for watching, and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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