TERA Hero is a New Upcoming TERA Spin-Off

TERA Hero is a New Upcoming TERA Spin-Off

So back in 2018.. I’m pretty sure it was towards the end of 2018 I actually did a video on an upcoming TERA MMORPG for mobile devices called TERA Frontier.
The game was being developed using Unreal Engine 4 and promised to provide players with an experience equivalent to the PC version of the game.
Unlike most Mobile MMOs that provide players a smaller-scale, much more enclosed world, TERA Frontier promised players a large world just like the PC version had.
They also made the same promises every Mobile MMO developer made, “large-scale PvE and PvP battles unlike you’ve ever seen before.” But let’s be honest here.. how often do they really create games following up their promises with actions?

The only additional information released back in 2018 when the game was announced was that it had a planned release date of 2019. But.. as you can see it’s uhh.. 2020 already and we have no game. We did have it renamed though.
While initially it was called TERA Frontier, it’s now referred to as TERA Hero. Which I’ll be honest, is not nearly as catchy of a name.
Interestingly though, it was recently revealed that the game is currently nearing completion – meaning we should be seeing it this year.
I couldn’t imagine the game taking longer than a few months at this point but what is more curious is the fact that while the game is in its final stages, they have still not provided any additional information regarding the game, its systems or features.

Like, take a few moments here and think: The game is pretty much in a playable, complete state. Yet they’ve released so little info on the game in any capacity. I couldn’t even find a trailer for the game.
Sure, finding trailers for TERA M wasn’t difficult. There’s been a ton of gameplay released and a lot of information has been revealed but Hero? Nope.
Which makes it difficult to get excited for, honestly. I mean I’m not really a fan of Mobile developers taking a popular PC MMO and then spinning it off into a Mobile format because they’re always the same kind of copy>pasted game.
Which is really kinda unfortunate because I’ve seen plenty of original RPG games and a lot of great quality gacha games over my time recording for the channel.
I’m not saying the new TERA Hero MMO is going to be a low-quality copy>pasted MMO like so many before it, or that the game is going to be bad in any capacity, but.. I just don’t have very high hopes.

I know Black Desert Mobile did good recently, but at the end of the day it still feels like a mobile game even though they claim it’s supposed to be comparable to the PC version in terms of gameplay and graphics.
The same thing applies to the upcoming Blade & Soul mobile game – well, actually, they’re claiming it’ll look even better and play even better than Blade & Soul on PC.
While TERA is definitely showing its age lately, the fact remains we can’t see what TERA Hero offers and therefore can’t really get excited for it. Maybe whenever we finally get some footage that’ll change my mind but until then..

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