TERA: Endless War Looks TERA-ble

TERA: Endless War Looks TERA-ble

Okay, first and foremost, Saru, why you gotta call me out like this brother? C’mon. You know I love everything related to TERA, right? I did a video on the TERA-ble MOBA game coming out, and.. okay, you know what, I can’t actually continue this with any type of seriousness.
Now this is actually a god damn shame to see – I know TERA is having their fair share of issues right now. With En Masse shutting down and the future of TERA up in the air, it’s surprising to see the announcement that the brand new TERA game, TERA: Endless War is launching in November 2020.

Before we go any further though, I see that there’s actually a trailer for the game included in the Tweet, so let’s go ahead and take a look at that. And let’s go in with an open mind!

I know, guys, I know. This is a mobile game. But that’s exactly why I feel like we need to talk about this: TERA has announced so many additions to the IP recently, but the state of the TERA MMORPG itself has continued to decline, continued to fall into a state of almost disrepair.
Players continue to leave the game every single day, and En Masse – well, I was going to say En Masse have done nothing to remedy this but in reality, now that En Masse will no longer have any control over the TERA MMO, a brand new publisher might be able to salvage what remains.

Now, while I do not in any way support TERA: Endless War as this game is your typical mobile copy > paste strategy trash with TERA models, I figure for those of you that are genuinely interested, I’d give you a small summary of what the game actually is.
TERA: Endless War is a mobile strategy game. You build up your city, your military forces, and send them into battle. That’s.. pretty much it. I’ve never been a fan of these types of games, and throwing in some Elin’s isn’t going to change that.
I mean checking the Google Play Store, it only has 200 total ratings, going a ways to show how popular the title has been thus far. And it stands to reason as to why.

Regardless, I’m not here to just mindlessly trash the game.
The game is going to be a hot mess either way; I’m surprised that they’re putting so much focus, so much effort, so many resources into pushing out other TERA games, other TERA game modes when the game itself – a game that has been successful for years, that provided the devs the ability to milk the IP to this degree is being completely ignored.
This isn’t as bad as Bless Online, Bless Unleashed and Bless Mobile WHICH ARE STILL COMING BY THE WAY.. but still.. TERA’s name is being tarnished over and over and it’s a sad state to see it in.

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