Tera Anniversary Celebrations

Happy 6th Birthday, Tera! Tera Anniversary? Teraversary?

I remember when Tera launched, it was the hot new thing that everyone was playing, and it didn’t feel like it was very long ago, but now the game-changing action combat MMORPG is turning 6 years old!

EnMasse’s Tera Online is celebrating 6 years of service starting May and has events lasting throughout the entire month. There’s so much going on that they’ve had to put up a timetable on their Tera Anniversary Web Page just so everyone can keep track!

From “Hunt the admin” style events where you can win a scarf costume to your typical experience boost events and everything in between, May looks to be a fun-filled month for Tera players, with more details coming soon.

An Exciting Month Ahead!

With May looking to be jam-packed with events and fun, now seems as good a time as any to give Tera a go, or hop back in to it if you stopped playing.

What are your thoughts? Will you be participating in these events? Leave a comment below or join in the discussion on The MMOByte Discord Server.

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