Temtem Suffers Content Delays

Temtem Suffers Content Delays

I’m no stranger to Temtem. I have hundreds of hours spent in the game accumulated through both the Alpha test phase (when I was given access to it along with Mrs Stix,) and after the MMO officially launched on Steam. Recently, the developers, Crema Games revealed that they’ve fallen behind in terms of development.

They’d outlined a roadmap for 2020 and 2021 back in 2020, but due to circumstances that were out of their control – out of everyone’s, actually (thanks, COVID!) they’ve had to make certain delays on specific features and content. Which stands to reason, and is not at all their fault.
However, as of last week they went ahead and revealed they have plans on at the very least 2 additional large islands for players to explore in the final version of the game along with full endgame content; something many players have been concerned with after playing what the game has to offer currently. Admittedly, since Temtem is in Early Access still, what we do in fact have access to is fairly limited, and as such a lot of players have ceased playing the game while they wait for new Temtem to capture, new Dojo’s to conquer, and new regions to explore.

They also went on to confirm that they are in the process of working on getting PS5 compatibility functional, along with developing features specifically for the platform.

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