Tasomachi is an Upcoming Indie JRPG

Tasomachi is an Upcoming Indie JRPG

So I was browsing Steam earlier when I came across something I felt I needed to share with all of you. I’m always on the lookout for new JRPGs – so you can imagine my surprise when browsing Steam earlier today I happened across a beautiful new upcoming game called Tasomachi.

In Tasomachi: A City Sleeping in Twilight you take on the role of a young girl called Yukumo, who set off on a journey to – well, actually that’s about all we know about her history.
She has an airship with which she uses to navigate the world, which in the case of this game, takes place within a mysterious city.
See, the fuel she uses to power her airship, Dynamo Cores, are running low and in an attempt to locate additional cores to continue her journey, she makes the decision to explore the city. The city itself however, was void of life, completely silent.
Any remnants of the civilization that once stood there were gone, with only a race of cat people referred to as the Nezuneko remaining.

That about sums up the game’s story. There really isn’t a whole lot currently available in terms of information presently. We know that the city is supposed to be incredibly large, housing a lot of mysteries.
Time passes incredibly slow there – how this factors into the game is currently unknown. There are plenty of townspeople to talk to, but they’re all of a unique race that really shouldn’t exist.
This actually reminds me a little of something out of a Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli film, which I’ll admit is pretty sick. Since the city itself is so large, there are plenty of varied areas to explore, including highways, bridges and valleys.
And finally, the game is going to be released exclusively for PC, being available via Steam once the game is complete. The trailer you saw was actually of the Alpha 3.0, with the game looking to finally launch in early 2021.

I’m currently uncertain if the game will have combat, but I’m sure since it’s going to be an adventure game it will. What form that combat will take I’m unsure of, but judging by the kind of game this is.. it’ll probably be action-oriented.
Unless they’ve already talked about combat but when Googling around online I couldn’t find anything pertaining to it so I’m gonna go ahead and assume here that it just hasn’t been announced.

Nevertheless, this game looks absolutely gorgeous and is planned for a PC Steam release. Yes it’s still a year off but that’s alright, we have plenty of games coming out this year that it really isn’t an issue.

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