Tale Of Toast – A New Upcoming PvP MMORPG Gameplay + Trailer!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings, and today is a brand new day, as most days are. However today is a little different than yesterday, As there is a new MMO on the horizon, and (for once) it’s not an Asian made MMORPG!
The New MMORPG in question is called: Tale of Toast. No you did not hear me incorrectly, it is in fact called Tale of Toast. Now that’ve established that its name is in fact Tale of Toast, let’s move onto what this game is all about shall we?

The first thing to note regarding Tale of Toast is that, it’s not made my any large company’s like.. well most if not all MMORPGs. Tale of Toast will be an open world MMORPG without any classes to choose between. Instead it will be up to you (the player)
to deside and shape how your character ends up becoming. Whether its a sword wielding mage, or a fiendish rogue with an axe. You shape your character. Now guys, if you haven’t noticed yet, the game does have a unique graphical style, the closest thing
you could call it, if “I” had to label.. it would be anime inspired, I guess. Either way it’s pretty cute! So, there will be open world PvP, as there’s a large focus on PvP, or at least that’s what the creators have said. The game has a proper dynamic day and night cycle,
you can travel the world by land or air, with flying mounts. There will also be crafting professions like Mining, Botany, Fishing, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Cooking, Alchemy, Tailoring and Leather working, so plenty of things to keep you occupied.
Something to note regarding fighting, is that if you die by a player or monster, you will drop your items, and this is an important feature of Tale of Toast, as they wanted the game to feel like dying has a consequence, so you’ll feel the danger when your
health is dropping. Allow me to go into further detail on this specific feature; if you die to a player, you will drop all but the three most valuable items equipped, or found within your inventory. If you instead die to another player after attacking other players;
which puts a skull above your head, you will then, as punishment drop all equipped items as well as those in your inventory. However this only applies to dying to other players, if you die to monsters or NPCs you will only drop the items you have in side
your inventory, nothing actually equipped will be dropped. So this is definitely a punishing system.

While it is open world, you will still have dungeons and other challenges to look forward to while playing Tale of Toast.
They also have no plans for an automated LFG function, or implementing an kind of auction house, as they wan’t players to actually interact, and trade with one another.
Tale of Toast is also scheduled to start its very first Alpha Test within the week, and you can gather keys for your chance to participate in it’s first alpha, by going to there discord, or emailing them.

This is most of what is known about Tale of Toast, there is some more information regarding, which can be found on MMORPG reddit thread, which was actually posted by the creators of the game.

But generally I wanted to alert you guys to this new open world MMORPG, I will keep you guys updated as we learn more about it!

Either way guys, have a good day, night or afternoon wherever it is where you are, and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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