Sword Art Online x Phantasy Star Online 2 Crossover Event

I don’t care what you guys think about Sword Art Online.. I love that Anime. It has some of the best Waifu’s I’ve ever seen. And Asuna is the most bae Waifu of them all.

Now I know you guys have been eagerly anticipating a Sword Art MMO.. it’s probably the most requested MMO of all time, yet all we get are single-player or very limited multiplayer RPGs which while perfectly fine and plenty of fun in their own right, don’t provide us what we want out of them.
So, imagine my surprise when Sega announced they were holding a crossover between both Phantasy Star Online 2 and Sword Art Online. Yup, after almost a decade of being online, we’re finally getting one of the greatest crossovers in the history of the genre.
Although it is worth noting that unfortunately this doesn’t apply to the global incarnation of the game, but rather the Japanese version which is still pretty damn popular considering the release outside of Japan.

The Sword Art crossover event will take place in December 2020 and will add both Kirito and Asuna to the game along with weapon skins and various lobby actions.

In anticipation of the upcoming crossover event, a new brand new trailer was revealed.. which was honestly much more of a teaser than a trailer if you ask me. It didn’t really show anything other than key illustrations, which I guess stands to reason as we’re still a little ways off from having the event functional in-game.
I’m well aware that plenty of players play the global – the international version of the game but there are still plenty of English speaking players that never left the Japanese incarnation of PSO2 because of the sheer time invested into it.

We just got Episode 5 a few weeks ago so players are still playing through all of the content that Episode 5 brought with it, and Episode 6 is slated for release before the year ends – which isn’t very far off.
Then we’ll get to go into 2021 with the brand new PSO2: New Genesis MMO while waiting on Blue Protocol.

This is more than enough of a reason to come back to PSO2 if you’ve been absent for a while, and although this Sword Art collaboration with the Japanese version of the game is releasing exclusively for the Japanese version of the game, I’d like to note that it doesn’t mean we won’t get it as well somewhere down the line.
We’ve gotten various collabs already with more to come in the future. Granted there are plenty we haven’t gotten either – but I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this goes.

Regardless, we’ll be jumping back into PSO2 when Episode 6 drops and streaming it over on Twitch if you guys wanna follow and join our.. guild? Alliance? Whatever it’s called in PSO2. We play on Ship 2!

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    Joshua says:
    Great trailer and I want to test the game for myself...
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    Marcelo says:
    The pre registration is for mobile only. PC doesn't need that....
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    Evan says:
    really confused, "pre register" but there's nothing there to do...
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    MapleSyrup Official says:
    I cannot wait for this game. Another hoyoverse game is like a present that you have to look forward ...