Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet – This Anime MMORPG Finally Has An Official NA/EU Launch Date!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and today I have an update to the Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet video I made a little while ago. So as there’s been new information regarding Fatal Bullet, like when it’s actually coming out!

So for those of you unaware it’s a new upcoming MMORPG for the PC, PS4, Xbox One and on steam. Now prier to this, we had no idea when it was coming to the NA/EU market, till now. However it’s finally been made known when the English version of the game will launch, which is in February the 23rd in 2018. Yeah, not long before we get our hands on this awesome anime MMORPG. I personally can’t wait to test this game out for myself as it is, firstly set in the world of Sword art online, specifically the gun gale arc, But! It that’s not it, it also follows along a story with your created character, making you feel more immersed to the game, rather than just playing as one of the characters from the anime like, Asuna, or Klein.

As I stated the MMORPG follow along the gun gale arc, however it’s not an identical rip, but rather an alternate re-telling of that story. Another thing to point out regarding this game is that, while it is a MMORPG, as you can join together with other players, it is rumored that in order to be able to party you’ll need to complete a specific quest chain. Once completed you’ll be able to party up freely.

Generally guys I just wanted to inform you of it’s release date and refresh your memory of this game. Which I did, so yeah! You’re welcome my lovelies. Thank you guys for watching this video and before you go, will you be trying out this MMORPG once it’s out in February?

Either way, good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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