Stix’s Top Favorite Best MMORPG of 2017 List That You Should Play Going Into 2018

Stix's Top Favorite Best MMORPG of 2017 List That You Should Play Going Into 2018

What’s up guys – Stix here. As we’re approaching the end of December, I figure I may as well do my final top video of the year, and have Wiggy follow up with her own next week.
The point of this video isn’t to list the best, the most popular, the most visually pleasing MMORPGs, nope.
This video will instead be a list of the MMORPGs I personally enjoy, and what MMORPGs I look forward to and will no doubt be playing going into 2018.

You may disagree with these games, and you’re more than welcome to. You do after all, have your own personal opinion, likes, and dislikes.
But at the end of the day, I get asked what MMORPGs I play and what MMORPGs I recommend people play every day through Discord, Twitter, Facebook..
This video will allow me to just kinda.. blanket link everyone that asks and have them all have their questions answered.

Do note that not all of these games are games like Black Desert or Final Fantasy XIV. Some are basic games, some look basic, some play basic, but at their core, they’re all games I’d personally recommend and still play.

DC Universe Online

Never have I been so enthralled with an MMORPGs world and characters as I was in DC Universe Online.
I had the option of listing Champions Online or DC Universe Online here but had to go with DC Universe Online because, hell, the game is just superior in so many ways.
It has action combat – so no need to swap between targets like Champions Online.
It looks significantly better – it feels significantly better – the graphics and world overall look like it came out of a much higher quality game.
Then you have the voice acting in the game, which, in my opinion, really brings it up to an entire different level.
The voice acting is some of the best in an MMORPG if you ask me. Especially when you compare it to something like Blade and Soul or Black Desert Online.
Playing both Champions and DC Universe, you’re given a look at the absolutely monumental difference in games, even though they both occupy the Superhero MMORPG niche.
I personally enjoy DC Universe Online so, so much. Plus it has all those DC babes in it – something no other MMORPG has. What more reason should you need?

Aura Kingdom

Whoa there, back up a second. I feel you scrolling down already to dislike the video but hear me out!
Aura Kingdom, under the publishing of Aeria Games is a terrible game. However the base Aura Kingdom game itself is definitely not so.
Both Wiggy and I have played a very, very fun private server of Aura Kingdom with thousands of active players that has increased rates and no pay to win bullshit.
Our experience there was actually incredible – as our previous attempts at playing Aura Kingdom broke my soul a little each time.
I’m not going to link to the private server, naturally, but suffice it to say Aura Kingdom looks beautiful, and plays fantastically for an Anime MMORPG.
Coupled with the lack of Aeria Games as their publisher, the game is actually a ton of fun to play, and furthermore, is actually something I could recommend to people interested in an Anime MMORPG.

Pokemon Revolution Online

I’m a huge Pokemon fan. I’ve been playing Pokemon games since I was a kid with a Gameboy color and Pokemon Yellow.
I have played every single iteration of Pokemon since, so naturally when I realized there were several large Pokemon MMORPGs online I had to investigate.
After navigating through all the garbage, I found 2 good Pokemon MMORPGs: PokeMMO, and Pokemon Revolution Online.
And while some people argue that PokeMMO is the superior Pokemon MMORPG – the fact is that Pokemon Revolution is just so much better looking and better playing to me.
It may lack a few features that PokeMMO has but when the game is this large, looks this good, and plays this well.. I just.. can’t really.. dissociate with it.
Regardless, Pokemon Revolution really ticks off everything I love about the Pokemon games, and the fact that it’s in my favorite region – the Kanto region, and further covers the Johto region as well, is absolutely amazing.

Dragon's Dogma Online

Both Wiggy and I played through Dragon’s Dogma a couple years ago, and it was an absolutely magical RPG to experience.
I admit I may have played it a little too much – pushing hundreds of hours into multiple characters just because I enjoyed the combat.
Dragon’s Dogma Online is essentially what Monster Hunter Online is to the Monster Hunter franchise: A complete, online version of the game.
And it is much better than I could have ever imagined.
Being a huge fan of Dragon’s Dogma, I figured the MMORPG counterpart would’ve sucked – or at the very least – not lived up to my expectations of the game.
However, that was far from the truth, as the game incorporates the same things from Dark Arisen that I enjoyed – things other MMORPGs don’t really do.
So the combat may not be on par with Black Desert, but the graphical style and combat are both very, very high quality. Adding on to that is the world interaction.
You can pick things up – climb buildings, structures.. monsters themselves. It’s fan-fucking-tastic.
I can’t believe it hasn’t been ported over to the West yet.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Probably one of the most entertaining MMORPGs I’ve ever played, Final Fantasy XIV has had an active subscription from me since the launch of A Realm Reborn.
I have gone back and forth between the game so many times and I still haven’t gotten bored, and yes I can understand that some people find it monotnous, slow, or too story driven, but for me.. that’s the appeal.
Never, ever have I seen so much story in an MMORPG – outside of maybe Star Wars: The Old Republic.
You’re completely pulled into the story of the game, and although certain regions and locales are blocked off from you due to the need to progress through the story, the feeling of actual progression has never felt more real.
Seeing your NPC allies evolve and progress, just as you do as you make progress through the game is something not many MMORPGs do.
So, yes, the story may drag on at times, but never has an MMORPG world felt more complete to me – and I’ve played World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online all through extensively.

Peria Chronicles

I cannot stress enough how excited I am for Peria Chronicles. I know it won’t be getting a Western release in 2018, but if it releases in the East in 2018, then I’m more than happy playing it there until it gets ported over.
I think Soul Worker is the best looking Anime MMORPG currently released, and even Soul Worker looks kinda dated in comparison to Peria Chronicles.
From what we’ve seen, the combat is.. unique and an interesting approach to take, the graphical style is probably the most breathtaking Anime MMO I’ve ever seen, possibly better than most Anime games in general.
And finally, it’s taking a much more Western approach to the game – giving people control over the game-world, much like the majority of Western MMORPGs slated for future releases.
The features, which you can find in one of Wiggy’s videos, combined with how amazing the overall game looks, makes this one of my most anticipated MMORPGs – or even games in general next year.

Dungeon Fighter Online

Not sure how many of you have even heard of this one, but I’ve been playing it offscreen for a little while and I gotta say, as far as side-scrolling action MMORPGs go, Dungeon Fighter Online is one of the best.
I know, I know. A lot of you will probably argue that Elsword is one of – if not the best. I can agree that Elsword is a ton of fun – but Dungeon Fighter Online is a much more mature variant and I like that.
I also like the style of sprites employed in Dungeon Fighter – it makes the graphical style really stand out and set itself apart from other games like Elsword, Maplestory and others.
While I haven’t gotten too far, the story, combined with the fun combat system and great graphical style that I cannot stress how much I love, makes for an incredibly interesting game you have to try if you haven’t already.
You may not enjoy it, you may not even like the style of game – but if you do, and you have yet to give this a try, then you’re missing out.


So I’ve neglected to pretty much ever include Warframe in an MMORPG list video because I don’t feel it’s really an MMORPG, but I keep being told it should be included.
So here it is.
I play Warframe, my wife has played Warframe, Wiggy has played Warframe; hell, my mother has played Warframe. That’s how good this game is.
Its combat plays like something out of a console game and its graphical style reminds me of a AAA scifi title, really setting itself apart from every other scifi MMO out there.
Making use of swords, bows, and guns is always fun for me as I hate archery (yet main Hanzo in Overwatch), while wiggy loves it yet negletcs it in Warframe, funny enough.
Realistically, I still don’t classify it an MMORPG but felt the need to include it here regardless because people want it included, and I cannot argue enough how good this game is.

Peria Chronicles

Number 2 is one of the few high quality Japanese releases in recent memory. Peria Chronicles is an absolutely beautiful looking Anime inspired sandbox MMORPG that offers players the option to not only create their own houses and towns, which in itself is a very unique aspect to the game, but also quests that other players are capable of accepting (similar to Neverwinter). Peria Chronicles offers players a fast action combat style that utilizes unique pets that you’re able to obtain throughout the game. Although not a lot of information has been released around the game, it’s cute Anime style, action combat, and unique features make this one of my most looked forward to MMORPGs. I’m also an Anime fan as well, so that makes me part of the demographic that’ll enjoy this.

World of Warcraft

I left this until the end because, hell, if I included it any earlier, you probably woulda labeled me a WoW fanboy and closed right out of the video.
Regardless, WoW has earned my subscription ever since Wrath of the Lich King.
It captivated me in a way no other MMORPG did and even though it’s been pretty hit ‘n miss in terms of how good and worth playing it’s been since, the fact is that it is still a fantastic game, and I am still a WoW fanboy.
I played through every expansion since Wrath of the Lich King and am beyond hyped about classic servers and Battle for Azeroth.
So with that being said, yes, I do highly believe World of Warcraft is worth playing if you haven’t already. It’s one of the few MMORPGs that are all but a requirement.

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