Soulworker Anime Legends – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

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I’m a huge fan of Soul Worker. I did so many videos on it before Gameforge ever picked the game up and brought it over to the West, so seeing a brand new Soul Worker game – Soulworker Anime Legends had me very excited to play.

You’re given the option of selecting one of 6 characters – which is evidently less than the PC version: Haru, Erwin, Lily, Stella, Iris and Jin. I’m a Haru main but Mrs Stix actually recorded this footage, and.. she loves little Stella, so.. yeah.

The game starts you off in the same barren wasteland that the PC Soul Worker does, you fight off some monsters, learn some basic controls, meet your team, get chased by the giant wolf thing, and.. actually, you know what?
The entire first half hour of this game felt ripped completely from the PC game. With the exception of ending up in the medical bay, this is the exact sequence of events that took place in Soul Worker Online.
The same applied to the dungeons, the instances you would run. Like, don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that a mobile port of the PC iteration of Soul Worker is a bad thing by any means, I just didn’t know it was essentially recreated as opposed to being a separate, more original title.

Now I mention that dungeons were the same – but let me elaborate a little more.
Soul Worker is a game that takes place in several small “hubs,” areas where you can take and complete quests or missions, where you can buy items, upgrade, use the store, converse with other players, form groups and enter the various instances scattered throughout the world.
There are several zones per quest hub, and each zone houses several missions in turn varying in difficulty. Each zone has their own distinct look and feel: A destroyed part of the city at dusk, an amusement park, an underground railway, providing a lot of different environments as to not bore you.
I’m not sure if the mobile version allows you to have your own apartment, but the PC version did and that was one of the other purposes of having a quest hub.

Combat is just like the PC version as well. I’d always felt that Soul Worker had the best combat in an Anime MMO and while Soulworker Anime Legends definitely doesn’t have as good combat as some other mobile titles, it’s still pretty damn good.
You have less abilities, you have less combos. There’s less customization and control over your character but you’re still required to actively mash those abilities, dodge and try not to die.
All the while progressing through the story. And let me tell you, Soul Worker, while it doesn’t have an amazing story by any stretch of the imagination, has a solid enough story that you’ll want to pay attention to.
And from what I can tell, Anime Legends ported the story on over as well. So I guess if you’ve played it through on PC it won’t matter to you, otherwise.. enjoy!

Overall, Soul Worker Online and Soulworker Anime Legends both are very good looking, very fun games.
Do I think the mobile game is worth playing if you’ve played the PC version? No, since it’s the same thing, with less customization and less features overall.
But the mobile game as a whole – as its own individual, standalone title, is pretty good.

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