SoulWorker 2? Project Soul / Soul of Destiny Announced

SoulWorker 2? Project Soul / Soul of Destiny Announced

If it wasn’t already apparent from the plethora of SoulWorker videos I’ve done over the last several years… I love this game.
I’ve been creating content for SoulWorker since it was available in Korea and Japan. Long before Gameforge brought over their failed version.

Yet this… this is not the future I wanted for the franchise. This is the last thing the game needed.

After watching the trailer above.. honestly, it looked disappointing. Like, really, really disappointing. From a longtime SoulWorker player…. man. So, Project Soul is currently only available within China. Therefore, it’s also only available in Chinese at present.
However, from what little information has been revealed about the game, apparently it’s more or less what we’d expect from a mobile SoulWorker game: It’s.. well, SoulWorker. The same characters – just.. only half of them. The same setting. The same type of gameplay.
I mean the game itself looked good, don’t get me wrong. Visually, aesthetically, the game looks like a great successor to the SoulWorker intellectual property, but… this is such a low-effort Chinese knock-off.

Why is it that we’re at a point in the MMO genre where developers see MMOs that have had a modicum of success, and opt to take the IP, absolutely destroy the heart and soul of the game, and turn it into some cheap-ass churn ‘n burn mobile game.
It’s actually disgusting.
SoulWorker, sure, isn’t a unique MMO. It has the same repetitious gameplay found in Vindictus, in PSO2, in Dungeon Fighter Online. But it’s a gorgeous Anime title with some ridiculously good combat and social aspects.
This? Project Soul or Soul of Destiny? It seems like a heartless remake in an attempt to milk more mobile players out of their money with minimal effort. Which seems to be the case with many mobile MMOs these days.
Not necessarily mobile GAMES as a whole. But mobile MMOs. Mobile MMOs are some of the lowest quality, lowest effort games on the platform, and this looks to be no exception.

I genuinely cannot believe these types of games keep being developed. And that players continue to support them.
I mean, if they didn’t.. it wouldn’t be happening, right?

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    robin5968 Reply
    Nov 23, 2021 @ 3:41 am

    Well… for mor info, it’s already be in public (but not available to play) since Jan.2019 in China.
    Beta tested in China for 3 times in July.2019, Nov.2019, Sept.2020, then both released for China and KR at almost the same time, then TW for about June.2021.

    But sadly, they’ve been none any update since Chii released in about Jan.2021 in all versions (CN/KR/TW), even no new contents or events.
    For official info from CN, they’ve change dev team in about April.2021, but even they host new event once in April, no news again.
    CN players rumors that they’ve all ran off and no dev anymore, but just leave server there to earn $$.
    Much bugs not fix yet, no contents add since Chii release, no cheat bans or fix, almost all version players think the game has already dead.
    Currently not really recommend any mobile versions of SoulWorker to play, as almost all Mobile versions of SoulWorker are all dead game.

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