Soul Worker Online New Character Jin Seipatsu Gameplay

Soul Worker Online New Character Jin Seipatsu Gameplay

Jin Seipatsu Information

I figured since a new character was made available in Soul Worker, I might as well take the game for another test-run.
I find the game to be very fun – with some of the most engaging combat in an Anime MMO. It is also by far the most visually appealing Anime MMO currently released in the West.

Today I’m going to be taking you on a short solo journey through the eyes of Jin Seipatsu: A quirky school student that utilizes my favorite weapon type: His fists.
I wanna make a fisting joke but at the same time I want to keep the video at the very least PG-13 so I shall refrain.

Like all the characters, Jin has 3 hairstyles, hair colors, eye colors, and skin colors to choose from. Which is one of the largest disappointments of the game to me.
I love me some customization, and you just don’t get that feeling from the selection they give you. But that’s fine – they make up for it with costumes!

You wake up thrown into a weirdly desolate, dystopian future you – a completely normal, not at all special school student is forced by.. God? To fight for him and save the world.
Or at least that’s the gist I got of it.

So Soul Worker isn’t an open world MMORPG. It’s an instanced, hub-based MMO that has you form parties in various town “hubs” and tackle various instances together.

The skill system is fairly basic – you gain skill points that you can spend on various skills that are able to be learned upon reaching the required level. You can level those skills up further as your base level increases.
Yeah.. that’s the skill system in a nutshell.

Dungeons are fairly basic. There are 4 maps for each dungeon, and 3 difficulties. They consist primarily of “rooms” that are instanced off from one another. Upon clearing each room you’re given access to the following room and so on.
There are several rooms per map, each map ending with a unique boss encounter.
Ooof. She needs to learn how to dodge. That was taught to us during the tutorial. Clearly she skipped hers.
The 4th and final map has the actual “boss” of each instance – providing some story and further pushing you to the next area.

Jin is an absolute blast to play. He gets to put the beat down on some bitches – I mean, on some poor, innocent wildlife as he menacingly makes his way through each map in an effort to rid each zone of the horrific baddies that plague them.
His style of fist-fighting isn’t as diverse as, say, the Striker in Black Desert, but that didn’t bother me. I still loved ramming my fist up- Ugh, PG-13, Stix. PG-13.

Upon the successful (and c’mon, let’s be real here.. who actually fails these?) completion of each map, you’re rewarded with some juicy items, money and XP.
The higher the difficulty, the (seemingly) better the reward. I cleared a map on Manic difficulty and got some very, very powerful pieces of gear – unfortunately not for my class but hey, you take what you can get.
.. and then you weep in a corner because you never get anything for your class.


So entering on Manic difficulty was so much more difficult than I thought it was going to be. I spent a shit ton on getting much more powerful gear than I should’ve had at that point in-game, and even still.. the boss used me as a punching bag.
It forced me to utilize dodging, stop just spamming my left click and actually use potions, something I hadn’t had to do up until that encounter.

Around level 9 you begin having to grind. A lot. Just to reach level 10. I tried looking for active leveling parties but everyone ignored me. So I grinding my way to level 10 all by my lonesome – just like a real gamer – sans friends.
Unfortunately that’s where I decided to call it a day for now. I spent 35 minutes grinding and made it half way through level 10, and didn’t want to spend another half hour just making my way to level 11.

All in all, I took this in a slightly more informational direction than I originally wanted, but hopefully some of the new Jin gameplay has your appetites a little whet. I certainly enjoyed him.
No, not like that!

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