Soul Worker Online in 2020 Impressions

Soul Worker Online in 2020 Impressions

Soul Worker is – to me – one of the best looking Anime MMOs and utilizes one of the best action combat systems in an Anime title.
I’ve gotten repeated requests to revisit Soul Worker, so Mrs Stix and I decided to begin streaming it over on Twitch at – if you’re interested in joining us.
This was our experience in the first several hours of playing.. but won’t be the last video we do on it, expect more to come soon..

Soul Worker is a hub-based Anime MMORPG. Unlike other hub-based MMOs like Vindictus or Phantasy Star Online 2, Soul Worker provides various different hubs for players to wander around, to explore, to take quests from.
There are even areas outside of the hubs that link one another together, making it feel larger, more connected. This is something that I feel is missing in hub-based MMOs and a feature that I definitely feel would make them feel much larger in scale.
The action combat is some of the best I’ve come across in the genre, and honestly, playing through the story is a lotta fun.
The characters are super cute, the outfits add on to that quite a bit, and the graphics are some of my favorite.
Overall, I enjoy Soul Worker. I have every time I’ve played through it. I look forward to continuing to push through the game with everyone, and honestly hope that I can make it to endgame one day to truly test what it’s like, as I’ve never made it that far.

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    Vedant Prasan Reply
    Jun 6, 2021 @ 19:05 pm

    SoulWorker was the first game I ever got on Steam, so I obviously have a lot of nostalgia and biased towards it. When the North America servers got taken down, even if it was a small amount of time, I was absolutely heartbroken. Now that the game’s back up, I’m back to playing, and starting out fresh never felt better :D.

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