Soul Seeker R with Avabel – 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

Soul Seeker R with Avabel - 2020 First Impressions and Thoughts

This definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. I saw this while browsing the Google Play Store.. kinda like I always do.
If I don’t find games there, they’re either recommended to me by you guys or I see an advertisement for it on social media. The former typically results in better quality games, while the latter.. less.. better.

So, Soul Seeker R with Avabel.. henceforth referred to as “Soul Seeker” as I don’t understand what purpose the “with Avabel” serves here, is an RPG.
You begin the game with an introduction to the story – as is always the case. You learn about the gods, who your cast of characters are. You know, “the bad guys are bad guys ’cause they’re bad.” It’s what you’d expect.
Then we’re thrown into the game, and.. honestly, if you opt to disable the auto-play the game is actually kinda fun.

You begin with auto-play disabled, and the option to auto-use abilities disabled as well. These are unlocked over time as you continue to play through the game.
And while I did definitely leave the auto-play options enabled at times, I disabled them when I actually wanted to play the game.
Which may have been a mistake as I guarantee you the game AI plays better than I do. Granted the AI doesn’t dodge enemy attacks, which means my character is left to soak up significantly more damage. And there were definitely times where my character took a little too much damage.
I mean I’m not saying I died or anything.. just.. maybe almost died.

Graphically, the game looks pretty cute. Character models look pretty good – both the character portraits and the in-game models themselves.
The environments are detailed – everything looks really crisp.
I was surprised. I didn’t expect the game to feel as high quality as it ultimately ended up feeling – although an issue I had was the repetitious environments. I went through.. 15 to 20 levels, and saw maybe 3 different areas. Most of the areas were reused which in the long-term doesn’t sound like it’ll provide much in the way of diversity.
Animations were also really good, as were the special effects.

Speaking of the special effects, the combat was.. okay, it’s safe to say that for the most part, everything was better than I’d expected.
Combat was fast. It looked great. It felt great. Being able to use the various different characters you’d deploy with you as abilities was pretty cool – although I’ve seen it done plenty of times before.
It’s a full-action combat system that requires players rapidly click your melee-attack button while cycling through abilities, although again as noted earlier.. the auto-play did it much better than I did.
Unfortunately where I’d miss, where I’d parry, where I’d spam too frequently.. the AI didn’t. It also didn’t dodge so I guess I have them there!

Overall, I feel as though this was a pretty solid game. It looked good, it played good.. if you opt out of the auto-play I feel as though you could definitely enjoy what the game has to offer.
But you’ll likely find yourself falling victim to utilizing the auto-play because it’s just so easy.

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