So I Played the Hunter’s Arena: Legends Pre-Alpha

So I Played the Hunter's Arena: Legends Pre-Alpha

I’ve had quite the week. I’ve never been into Battle Royale games like Fortnite or Apex Legends – they’re just not my thing.
I’m a fan of MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft.. and I guess I like to dabble in competitive games like Team Fortress 2 and Overwatch.
I’m not really all that good at them but that doesn’t stop me from trying! Now I’d covered Hunter’s Arena: Legends in.. September?
I’m pretty sure at the beginning of September where I spoke about the game before anyone had the opportunity to get in-game and try it out.
So when I was approached to take a sponsored Pre-Alpha look at the game you can bet I jumped at the opportunity to get in and see what this revolutionary new “MMO Battle Royale” hybrid was like in action.

Nobody else had gotten in yet – My wife MrsStix and I were two of a small handful of content creators allowed access to the game – so you can imagine how excited we were.
And we got to record our experience in the game for all of you.. now do allow me to preface this by stating that both my wife and I recorded our own footage as partying wasn’t available during the time we recorded.
And the game – or at least Trio mode, the 3-man team mode that was available during the Pre-Alpha is heavily focused around teamwork.
So if a member of your team isn’t carrying their weight, then.. you’re probably gonna have a rough time of things.

So, the game takes place in a large – ridiculously large world. There are a total of 60 players. If you tackle it in Solo mode then you’ll be up against 59 other players.
If you tackle it in Trio mode like we did, you’ll be up against 20 other teams of 3 players. The goal, naturally, is to eliminate all of the other enemies while attempting to survive until the bitter end.
Borrowing from the MMORPG-side of things, Hunter’s Arena allows you to level up your character, allowing you to learn new abilities as you level, gain access to new gear that you can equip, obtain mounts, glide through the air, and.. well, one of the coolest aspects of the game is the PvPvE mode it takes.
While yes you’re fighting with up to 59 other players for supremacy, you’re also going to want to level up by fighting monsters out in the world itself. Otherwise other players are going to absolutely destroy you.
There are tens of thousands of monsters to make your way through, tons of elite boss monsters you can encounter and do battle with, and even little dungeons you can locate scattered around the world that reward teams – or even individual players if you’re good enough with loot in the form of gear and items, and juicy level-ups.

So while you’re out there leveling your character up to learn new skills and get ahead, either alone or with your team, you have to be vigilant as if an enemy spots you – or worse yet, an enemy group spots you.. if you’re not prepared, you’re done for.
Now, from my experience, which lasted a couple games, I never survived longer than 10 minutes.
The first match I got partied with some dude named Sonii and a Panda.. the panda was AFK and thus Sonii and I had to level and fight 3-man teams on our own. Which admittedly I did alright with.
I managed to take down 2 out of 3 enemies in my first group battle – in an attempt to avenge my fallen comrade. Unfortunately I died, which ended the match for us.. but that was alright.
I was sure I’d do better in the future. Honestly, I never did much better but MrsStix did. She managed to end up with 3rd place in her.. 2nd battle?
I think, and by her 6th battle her team and her had secured their very first 1st place victory each.
I was pretty damn proud of that considering she’s never played a Battle Royale – just like I hadn’t.

I played for a couple hours, but I think she played for a solid 8 hours total – which was almost the entire Pre-Alpha period of the game. She has a lot more experience in this game than I do already, and she’s having an absolute blast in it.
She kicks so much ass with her teams while I struggle to comprehend why my team is running opposite directions from one another.
I tried several of the characters out because I was curious how they played, but unfortunately some of them were locked.
Which was perfectly fine – I understand why. The game is in Pre-Alpha and there is plenty of the game that is still under development.

That actually leads me to my final thoughts.
The game looks beautiful. It truly does. There are some improvements that need to be made – I’d be lying if I said the game is perfect how it is now and I doubt any of you would take my word seriously if I did.
The combat plays pretty damn good as well. I was taken a little aback by the fact that there were so many different characters with their own distinct fighting style.
The theme of a PvPvE MMORPGBR is.. definitely interesting. I never thought this would be something either MrsStix or I would ever find enjoyment in but then again we’d never played one before.
I enjoyed myself, and my wife enjoyed herself even more than I did. She wanted to keep playing but the Pre-Alpha was ending for now so we had to call it a day.
I look forward to seeing where the game goes and I hope I get to be an active part of not only testing the game out, but also providing information on the game for all of you interested going into the future.

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