Seven Knights 2 is an Upcoming Mobile MMORPG

Seven Knights 2 is an Upcoming Mobile MMORPG

I never played Seven Knights. I’m well aware it’s a fairly high rated RPG though. So I was surprised to see that there was a sequel in the works, Seven Knights II and a spin-off Seven Knights Revolution.
Seven Knights II was actually announced way back in 2017 though and has supposedly been in development for well over 3 years now without much in the way of information.
The game was initially revealed at G-Star 2017, and has thus far had minor information drops since its conception and announcement. To date, we still know very little about the game, but with their recent logo reveal, I’m gonna go ahead and assume they’re closing in on a final release date for the game.

Seven Knights II is an upcoming MMORPG – yeah, an MMO as opposed to a single-player RPG. The game is being built using Unreal Engine 4 and is set 30 years after the ending of the original Seven Knights game.
Now considering I have yet to play Seven Knights – is the game in maintenance mode, then? Are they not continuing the game’s story anymore, as I don’t see how a game can be set years after the events of an unfinished game.
Seven Knights II will feature an expansive selection of characters – yes, characters, not classes. It’ll have dungeons, raids and many other MMO features, but I don’t understand how the class system will function.
I guess each character will in essence fill a specific role, meaning that classes will be gender locked – but every character will have their own unique playstyle and combat style.
From what I’ve seen of a couple different characters, the combat looks pretty good and the graphics are solid.

But I also mentioned Seven Knights Revolution, right? Like Seven Knights II, Seven Knights Revolution is going to be another MMORPG set in the same universe, with the game taking place in an age when there are no heroes left, leaving us, the main character to take on their mantle and forge our own path.
Again, if I accurately gathered what they revealed, it seems as though there won’t be a class system in place for this either.
Instead, players will be able to change their weapon out, allowing you to take on various different roles that are solely dependent on what you have equipped.
Then there’s this weird “transformation” system, that allows you to collect various hero cards and transform into heroes from the Seven Knights franchise.
Yeah, I dunno about Seven Knights Revolution – it seems kinda like Blade & Soul Revolution and Lineage 2 Revolution to me, neither of which I was a fan of.

And that’s all the info I have on Seven Knights. Both the sequel, and the Revolution spin-off.

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