Seven Knights 2 Global Pre-Registration

Seven Knights 2 Global Pre-Registration

Netmarble, the developers behind the upcoming Seven Knights 2 Mobile MMORPG just announced that they have opened pre-registration for both the iOS and Google Play Store.

While they have yet to officially reveal the launch date, they did note that it will be available in November – yes, next month. If you want to pre-register for those juicy rewards, I urge you to choose your platform below.

I’m genuinely surprised that they’re opting to release Seven Knights 2 at the same time as both Lineage 2M and Lineage W, as they’re 2 competing MMORPGs releasing within the month of November.

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    Jon Palejo Reply
    Nov 9, 2021 @ 5:10 am

    i like this game ever since Seven knight

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