Sdorica: Sunset is a Beautiful, Albeit Slow Game

Sdorica: Sunset is a Beautiful, Albeit Slow Game

“How will you change this world?” – That’s a question asked from the developers behind the game. Curious question, really as I’ve actually got no idea exactly how much control over the world I realistically have.
Regardless, I’ve had a few requests for Sdorica: Sunset over the last few weeks, so with that in mind.. here it is.


I mean I’m gonna be completely honest here. Right from the get-go I’m incredibly confused as to how one even goes about pronouncing this game’s name.
S-dorica? Sdorica? I mean what kinda games puts a “D” right after an “S” at the beginning of a name? That’s just.. I don’t even know!
Regardless, Sdorica is a side-scrolling auto-RPG. Not complete auto – the combat isn’t auto at all, instead, the game itself plays automatically.
You choose from a few different options from a menu screen where you can do different types of missions, enhance your characters, recruit new characters.. you know, the norm for this kinda game.
Then when you accept a mission, you’re taken into a plot-centric instance that you have no physical control over other than the progression of quest text.
Which is fine, I’m beginning to understand that the vast majority of mobile RPGs play like hub-based games, minus the hub.
According to the official description, Sdorica follows a “deep and thought provoking script” and I’ll admit.. there’s definitely a script, and it takes up a lot of time to read through.
The characters and environments I’ve gone through thus far are all stunning as well so you’ll never be bored.


I mean the combat is weird. Very weird. I’ve never played a game – even a mobile game for that matter that has a combat system like this.
Instead of having your characters each possess their own unique skill-sets, you’re given this weird kinda.. system that has you line up anywhere between 1-4 little orb things at a time.
Depending on how many orbs are aligned, your attack will vary completely.
So while you have several different kinds of skills.. figuring out and then remembering what skill does what is probably almost as confusing as figuring out how to pronounce this games name.
I kept forgetting if my healers heal was 1 orb or 4, and often kept selecting 2 by mistake. So memerizing an entire party, and all the additional party members’ skills will be quite a task.
Honestly, I didn’t hate it though. It was definitely an interesting take on the combat system – one I’m not at all familiar with.


There are no classes and no character creation.
Interestingly, you don’t take on the role of a specific character for a change. Instead, you take on the role of.. several characters. Different main characters per chapter.
I played as a cute little girl – something I’ve always dreamt of RPing as, which is honestly likely a little too much information to be giving out over the internet.. and then a weird.. bear-mole thing.
So since you don’t play as a pre-determined character, nor do you get to create your own.. there’s no initial customization. However, there very well might be character customization in the form of outfits down the line, I can’t say.


Honestly, this was a very interesting game.
The graphical style is absolutely gorgeous. Whoever did the art style in this game deserves a beer. Or 3.
The story definitely drags on far too long, with too much text for me to go through. I tried, but it was just.. so tiresome to read through.
Especially since you’re being thrown between new characters every other minute.
The combat takes a unique approach I’d not seen before and to me, that made it more fun. It also makes the combat kind of RNG.. which adds a sense of danger, but I can see that getting frustrating down the line.

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