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Scarlet Blade Information

Scarlet Blade is a 3D fantasy sci-fi themed free to play MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world, originally published by Aeria Games before being cancelled and re-published as a private server by The Vendetta Gaming Network. It is the only MMORPG currently on the market to have full-nudity. It features a mixture between action combat and tab-target combat.

Scarlet Blade Synopsis

Scarlet Blade is a free to play tab-target MMORPG that was originally released by Aeria Games and later shut down due to the game performing worse than they would’ve liked.

It has since been brought back up as a private server and remained well populated for well over a year, offering some of the most over-sexualized female characters in MMORPGs.

Video Review - Is Scarlet Blade Worth Playing?

Is Scarlet Blade Worth Playing in 2018?

Scarlet Blade is a free to play MMORPG that released way back in 2012. Yes, if you were playing MMORPGs back then then you’re that old. Welcome to the club.

Now, I give Aeria Games a lotta shit for shutting down games that they really shouldn’t, and this game right here is one of the reasons as to why.
Scarlet Blade is a surprisingly unique game in terms of what it offers you.
At its core, it’s a very generic MMORPG that doesn’t bring much to the table overall, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad game.

Now I do want to preface this review by saying that this will be based off of the private server for Scarlet Blade, not the official version that was shut down by Aeria.

Character Customization

I will say that right off the bat you’re greeted by some of the most voluptious female character models you’ll witness in an MMORPG.
You’re given a basic amount of customizability. You have a few varied face presets, some eye color options, some lip colors, around 10 unique hairstyles, a few basic hair colors and then the option to choose your starter outfit.
And let me tell you.. there are some very, very nice outfits there to begin the game with.
And by nice.. I mean the kind that lets you see pretty much everything. So if you’re a closet pervert like myself then you’ll be more than entertained while running around scantily clad in.. “armor”.
All in all, you’re not looking at much customization through the default character creator, but the sheer amount of outfits in the game make for more than you’ll likely need.
Nothing on Blade and Soul’s scale of course, but Blade and Soul is generally known as the Fashionista simulator.


Gameplay in Scarlet Blade is about what you’d expect from a free title released in 2012.
The character movements, combat animations, mount animations.. they’re all very, very low quality.
Now I’m not hating on the game – Scarlet Blade is just very.. dated. It feels dated. It looks dated. At least in some areas.
I just can’t wrap my head around how stiff the entirety of the game feels. Moving around looks like you learned to walk by watching runway models slip and fall while half asleep.
Riding around on your futuristic mechcycle.. yes, I called it a mechcycle – feels like you died sitting on your grandmother’s rocking chair and rigor mortis has been setting in for a solid twelve hours.
So.. in essence.. you’re stiffer than most males get in the morning.


Combat in Scarlet Blade though isn’t half bad.
Yes, since it was released back in 2012 you can’t expect action combat. That’s just inane! Action combat didn’t take off until around 2016!
So Scarlet Blade uses a slightly varied version of traditional tab-target combat. In so that you’re pre-selecting your target to attack, but some of your AoE’s actually hit a wide range of targets, making for.. I guess you could call it: semi-action AoEs.
Unfortunately, since Scarlet Blade is actually a scifi MMORPG as opposed to a fantasy MMORPG you don’t have any forms of magic. Instead, everything is laser beams, bullets and other realistic weaponry.
Which is a shame since I’m a fan of huge, colorful effects in my games and seeing tons of shit explode is always entertaining for me to watch while grinding through the game.

Class Diversity

There are quite a few different classes in Scarlet Blade.
You have the Defender – which is more or less the tank of the game, then you have the Whipper.. yes, Whipper.
They couldn’t think of a better name for the class that utilizes a whip, the Shadow Walker, Punisher (which actually sounds like it could be kinda fun,) the Sentinel, and then the Medic, which you guessed it.. is a tank-I mean, a healer.
What this means is that essentially, Scarlet Blade offers the class trinity of Tank, Healer, and DPS.
Just.. don’t choose Whipper. It’s the dumbest sounding class ever. I’m not even kidding. It’s worse than Battle Bow. I mean c’mon.


Yes, this game actually has a story. I know, I was just as surprised by it as you are right now listening to me try and convince you that there is one.
The team behind Scarlet Blade actually took the time to craft a story – and give the world some lore through both the main scenario quests and the side quests.
The story is well developed and unique, having quite a few little hidden shout outs to secret societies and conspiracy theories from our own world.
Some of these actually play a major part in progressing the plot, while others are just referred to as a backdrop to the overall story.


Graphically, Scarlet Blade – at least with regards to the overworld, is fairly simplistic. It’s not really all that great to look at, with scenery seemingly void of life and dull.
But that’s generally what you’d expect from a scifi MMORPG as you don’t have the ability to insert fantastical fantasy elements into the game to bring in the “wow factor”.
But that’s merely talking about the game from an environmental standpoint. The game is much more than its scenery.
The character models are amazing to look at. The outfits are stunning – and the approach taken to the outfits in the game are incredibly surprising.
You’re given the option to purchase a “nude patch”, resulting in your character running around completely nude.
And as I pointed out, the character models are quite arou-uhh.. quite.. offensive in terms of their representation of females.


The game actually died off due to the player population drying up, but the playerbase that populate the private server is fairly active.
And by active I’m not talking about Final Fantasy XIV levels of active, I’m talking about there being hundreds of active players logged in and playing simultaneously, providing a world with people to quest with and play with.
Now, like Aura Kingdom and all of Aeria Games’ games, many people stopped playing due to the poor handling of the game overall. This was the case here as well.
The fact that the population of the private server is large enough to warrant the continuation of the game through private server is clear evidence that people are still continuing to play the game.

The World

Scarlet Blade’s world is more akin to a game like Aion or Star Wars: The Old Republic.
You’re given large, open areas with the ability to freely roam them, but each zone is still separate from the rest of the world.
You can’t cross between zones in-game like you would in World of Warcraft, instead having loading screens separating zones leaving you with a large, instanced world to explore.


Now that we spoke about Scarlet Blade’s world, let’s go over a couple of the things you get to do throughout the game. Since as we all know, whether or not you enjoy the game is dependant on what you can do in it.
Dungeons – Small dungeons that you group together with a group of people for.
Questing – Both through the main scenario and side quests, you are given the ability to progress through both your personal story and the zone story, leveling and learning about the world you currently reside in.
The Nightclub – A place that has a level requirement to enter and has incredibly attractive girls stripping and dancing for your pleasure. Not really PvE related, but worth mentioning here because technically it can.. be a grind. He.. he he.
And.. unfortunately, that is more or less what Scarlet Blade has to offer in terms of PvE content, which for some of you may be disappointing. But then there is the other half of the game, PvP.


PvP in Scarlet Blade comes in two different forms. Before participating in PvP however, I would like to note that there is a level requirement to actually begin engaging in PvP – and there are two different forms it takes:
Battle Grounds – Instanced zones that pit the Royal Guards against the Free Knights in a huge battle royale.
Contested Zones – areas similar to Battle Grounds that aren’t instanced and take place over a much larger map without the player-number restrictions that Battle Grounds have.
And that’s it.
While there aren’t technically all that many forms of PvE and PvP in the game, there are still enough varied instances to participate in to actually enjoy the game for what it has to offer.

Overall - Is Scarlet Blade Worth Playing?

That’s a very good question.
Since it is now run strictly as a private server, the game could go down at any moment unexpectedly.
With that aside, though, the game itself, although a little ugly environmentally, has some of the most sexualized characters in MMORPGs.
It has basic combat, basic graphics, and doesn’t have a whole lot to do after hitting max level.
But the features it does offer you, the fact it has an actual storyline to progress through, and of course given that you are able run around completely naked is in my opinion what makes the game worth trying, if at least to experience it once.

Scarlet Blade Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2 GHz / AMD Athlon 2600
Video Card: GeForce 7600 GT / ATI x800 or better
Hard Disk Space: 5GB

Scarlet Blade Recommended System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz / AMD Athlon II X2 or better
Video Card: GeForce 8600GT / ATI Radeon HD4450 or better
Hard Disk Space: 5GB

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