Rust – A Multiplayer Survival Game About Nudist Serial Killers.

So we got around to trying out Rust. A Survival-Action Multiplayer game, similar to Ark and Minecraft I guess. Turns out when we weren’t being molested by wolves, dying of starvation, or dying from exposure to severe penis cold, we were being murdered by everyone we saw. What happened to working together with people that share a common goal? Huh? It’s as if everyone is just in it for themselves at this point. I mean c’mon.. haha! I’m kidding. Running around trying to avoid everyone was an absolute blast! In the end someone finally murdered us though and it was epic!

We’re not normally into this kinda game but then again we have never really tried a game like this before, other than Minecraft, so it was a pretty fun, new experience for us.

Let us know if you want to see us play more Rust!

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