RISE is a Brand New Upcoming PC and Console Exclusive MMORPG

RISE is a Brand New Upcoming PC and Console Exclusive MMORPG

I know we’ve all had our fair share of info pertaining to PC+Mobile cross-platform MMORPGs, right? Of course we have. It is with that knowledge that I bring to your attention the brand new upcoming PC and console cross-platform MMORPG: RISE. Yes, there is no mobile cross-platform compatibility here, folks. Absolutely none at all.

Now you might think that this upcoming MMO takes inspiration from.. a certain other medieval fantasy themed MMO and you’d definitely be right. But RISE is its own beast entirely. Now the very first trailer for RISE was actually released back in the middle of 2020, and I’d covered it at the time.
But we saw very little in the way of what the game would offer – receiving a cinematic trailer without any glimpse of gameplay.
Fast forward to today, we have a brand new trailer for the game that features actual in-game gameplay. And you know what? It’s actually looking pretty good.
We get an actual glimpse of the full action gameplay – which strongly resembled Geralt’s fighting style from the Witcher series, we get to see various different locales, story and more.

Interestingly enough, they do plan on introducing a mobile version of RISE in the future, but it is going to be developed completely separately to the PC and console versions, using, but simultaneously optimizing assets for mobile devices.
This is in essence what Pearl Abyss does with Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile as opposed to miHoYo and Genshin Impact.

RISE MMORPG Release Date?

I bet you’re wondering about the RISE MMORPG release date, right? Of course you are. While the developers haven’t announced anything concrete, RISE is expected to release in late 2021-early 2022. More info can be found on our RISE Release Date page.

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