RF Online – Literally The Most Difficult MMORPG (For Wiggy!)

So Wiggy and I last played RF Online several months ago and we did not have a good time playing it. Not at all. We had no idea where we were going. We had no idea what we were doing. We had no idea what was going on and we died against.. everything. Every second. It was a nightmare. This time we came in prepared. This time.. we were gundam.

Or, at least, I was. Wiggy on the other hand.. was dead. Like last time. It was funny. Very funny. For me at least.


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    Ainz says:
    Followed the full step but getting "Connection Termination" after 1 min :( Using exitlag too....
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    3yearsAAUPlayer says:
    Its not worth playing anymore because of the unbelievable level of greed and scams perpetrated by X...
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    Angelo Belluco says:
    Congratulations to all the people that got a key...
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    ByteStix says:
    Same reason people pay $50 for a 2-day headstart with Founder's Packs....
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    justwei says:
    don't the game comes out in like 5 days? is there really a point to the contest anymore?...