Revisiting Tree of Savior in 2020.. Is It Worth Starting?

Revisiting Tree of Savior in 2020.. Is It Worth Starting?

I love Anime MMOs. I mean I love Anime in general, but Anime MMOs have always been some of my favorite genres. I grew up on Anime MMOs – they were part of what made me who I am today. I.. guess you guys are welcome for that.
Tales of Pirates, FlyFF, Eden Eternal, Fiesta Online. And even more recently MMOs like Soul Worker and PSO2. I’ve always come back to the games that I genuinely enjoyed – and here we are, back in Tree of Savior 3 years after my last video on it.
The game is quite a bit different to what I recall – but I feel like with how poorly the game was received back when I had initially taken a look at it this is for the better.
There have been a substantial number of improvements made to the game, and honestly, the community of loyal players have stuck with it ever since. Every step of the way. And that’s because Tree of Savior is a fun MMO. At least it is now from what I can tell.

This isn’t your typical MMORPG, though. Tree of Savior is one of the few remaining top-down isometric Anime MMOs left. Well, it’s one of the very few top-down isometric MMOs – completely disregarding the Anime aspect of the game.
It has a beautiful aesthetic – a stunning graphical style and an amazingly detailed world filled with some of the most adorable creatures you’ll come across.
Coupled with its extensive class-system – yes, there are, how many initial classes? 8? 10? And each base class has.. 20? 30 sub-classes you can progress into, providing players the opportunity to play literally however you want with such unadulterated freedom I don’t often see in the genre.
They didn’t call Tree of Savior the “spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online” for nothing, right?

Granted for the most part this is a pretty traditional MMORPG. You take quests, you kill monsters, you progress through a story, taking you to new areas, meeting new NPCs and players. Leveling. Growing. Making your way to endgame.
When I played 3 years ago leveling was pretty slow, however these days we seem to be leveling through the first 100 levels quite rapidly. I believe in approximately 4 hours we made it to level 70?
And considering we plan on streaming this a few more times before giving our full opinion on the game, I daresay we might make it past level 200 by the time we’re through. Not that that’s really saying a lot, considering the level cap is over level 400.

We met quite a few different community members while playing through the game, that really made our experience a lot more enjoyable than it probably would have been otherwise.
The community in this game is definitely top-tier and I appreciate all of you who took the time to make us laugh on stream and show our viewers – both on Twitch and here on YouTube that the community has not only plenty of active players, but also plenty of players that enjoy having a laugh and enjoying themselves.

Overall, I’ve always enjoyed Tree of Savior. Every single time I’ve come back to the game I’ve enjoyed myself in it.
It is a beautiful game to look at, it has some fantastic looking abilities and utilizes an action combat system that works incredibly well for the type of game it is.
Everything looks so high quality and the game generally feels so much better than your average Anime MMO.

But don’t take my word for it. The game is free on Steam right now – so if this doesn’t convince you to try it out.. then know the worst case scenario is that you waste 20 minutes downloading it.

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