Revelation Online Is Launching Onto Steam

Revelation Online Steam Launch Announcement

It has recently been announced that Revelation Online will be joining the ranks of’s other MMORPGs Skyforge and Armored Warfare on Steam in the near future.
To access the game through Steam, players will have to launch the game through’s altered Steam version of their GameCenter. Doing so will log players in directly via their Steam accounts.

In celebration of its upcoming release onto Steam, have prepared special competitions with varied prizes for players to participate in.

“The availability of Revelation Online on Steam is exciting for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious is that it’ll share the same space as hundreds of great games and allow access to Steam’s vast community and features, such as the Steam forums, Broadcasting and Trading Cards.
True, similar features have long been part of the GameCenter or available in-game already, but Steam’s popularity as the world’s largest PC games distribution platform makes it a fertile hunting ground for recruiting new players to Revelation Online’s cause.”

Revelation Online Steam Launch Date

While no additional details on Revelation Online’s Steam release have been given, we are told that more details will be revealed soon.

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