Revelation Online in 2021 – MMOStalgia Episode 1

Revelation Online in 2021

It’s been a while since I dipped my toes into Revelation Online. 2 years, I believe? Since the last video I did was back during the middle of 2019. And the experience I had this time ’round was drastically different to the experience I had back then. Which is to be expected.
Years have passed. A lot has happened, both in terms of development, and with regards to the players that once actively populated the game – players that have more or less moved on to greener pastures.

So upon first loading into Revelation Online, I realized that we have a new introductory experience to the game. This new zone is stunning – but an issue I quickly ran into was that there were invisible walls in place that prevent you from really moving anywhere other than forward.
This provides a very linear introduction – one that replaced the much more open newbie zone that was once present.
While this was quite off-putting, I pushed through regardless. Then you’re thrown directly into the main game, without much in the way of direction or side content. You quickly learn that there is a “main scenario” questline that you follow, leading you from area to area.
But you outlevel it quite rapidly, being required to grind – quite repetitiously I might add, daily quests in an attempt to break through the unusual level gating that is noticeably prevalent throughout the course of the game.
Every 5 levels, I’d be met with a message that told me “You need to be 5 levels higher to continue. Go do dailies until you level up and come back!” Those dailies, in specific, were tied to group content part of the time, and could not be taken in a group smaller than 3 people.
Considering I never saw another player… yes, leveling turned out to be an absolutely atrocious experience that I would not be interested in doing ever again.

Graphically, the game holds up pretty well. Aesthetically, the world still looks bright, vibrant and beautiful. Characters.. less so. The game is definitely beginning to show its age, much faster than other titles in the genre, and that is especially true for the combat.
I’ve honestly played Mobile MMOs with better combat than Revelation Online had, and considering Swords of Legends Online does what Revelation Online did, but to a degree of success, I can’t see anyone ever stepping foot into Revelation Online again after SOLO launches later this year.
It’s a shame that the world feels so empty, so void of life. This was a game that I genuinely felt would be worth dedicating time to when it launched. Boy was I wrong!

Years later, the game is–or, has been on its last legs for a while now, and shows no signs of improvement. Either with regards to the terrible leveling experience or content that would attract players back to the game.
This is a sad state for any MMO to be in, but it’s definitely deserved.

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    CocoDraco Reply
    Jun 3, 2021 @ 17:32 pm

    I currently play this game and would like to say you chose an odd time to review and record the game most of the player base that is there was more concerned with queuing up for battleground for the current event that is ongoing. The game is plagued with issues especially that of the NA regions servers. Unfortunately you choose to play on the Darkfall server which is why you couldn’t find parties for Seeking Spirits at all that server is so much more dead than the Snowpine server where dailies parties are much easier to find.
    Overall I do agree that this game had so much potential but it doesn’t quite live up to when it first came about sadly.
    Even I still have nostalgia of how great the game was when it had a thriving community.

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