Requiem: Memento Mori – An Absolutely Insanely Gory, Bloody, MMORPG You’ve Never Played!

So we were asked in the comment section to try out Requiem: Memento Mori. We did. We went in not knowing what to expect like most MMORPGs and found it pleasantly surprising. Not only was the combat actually quite appealing (You should see the cool kinda things we did to the monsters – it was freakin’ cool!), the character models looked great, and the graphics dark and bloody, but the game turned out to be surprisingly decent for a free to play MMORPG!

I gotta say, we’ve played a lotta terrible MMORPGs. Pretty much every single one of them have been free to play MMORPGs. This one, we figured after looking at it was going to join that list but came out eating our words.

Thankfully. As we’ve never tried a dark, gory MMORPG before and this was a very pleasant experience for us.

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    Helen Reply
    Nov 15, 2021 @ 13:38 pm

    i love this game but is just for USA uwu

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    Capibara Reply
    Sep 13, 2022 @ 22:49 pm

    Stay away from this game. Gravity is in way over its head bringing this back. The only things that have changed is that the cash shop is much cheaper and skills are ‘rebalanced’ ie. screwed up. Mystics are OP like crazy, in FoC 80% of players will be Mystic. Bugs are still in the game, a ton of them. Theme battle crashes constantly, kicking you out of the game and causing all points you earned to be lost. Game has random crash issues, awful framerate issues in PvP arena where even with high end hardware you’ll drop to like 15 fps. The staff can’t even handle fixing their own game, it’s been like 3 patches now they say they fix the level 69 cap because people are going past it and they still don’t fix it.

    The microscopic team running this game is completely out of their element. Things are taking way too long to fix, bugs are present and being abused and they will ban you if you speak out about issues. Even the mods in the ‘unofficial’ discord are power hungry and will mute you simply for posting about bugs and make up BS excuses and take your words out of context. Trust me, many many people already jumped ship because Gravity is incompetent and we see the writing on the wall. Do not waste your time and money on this game–it’s going to end up right back where it was before it died with barely any population and game-breaking ‘events’ in a desperate ploy to hold on to the less than 100 people that stick around. Your money is better off almost anywhere else.

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