Re: Tree of Savior is a Mobile Port of the Popular Anime MMORPG “Tree of Savior”

Re: Tree of Savior is a Mobile Port of the Popular Anime MMORPG "Tree of Savior"

For those of you that enjoyed your time in Tree of Savior, you’ll be happy to know that Nexon and IMC Games are in the process of bringing the game to mobile devices.
Maybe you were already aware of this though – I mean the game was announced back in 2016 after all. Yeah, 4 years ago.
After looking at the trailer, it’s clear that it shares both the same art style and style of combat as its PC counterpart, but doesn’t look nearly as crisp or fluid, considering it’s targeting a 2020-2021 release.

4 years later, not much is known about the game other than the fact that it’s still currently in development. Recently, however, details emerged pertaining to a name change.
Apparently, what was originally titled “Tree of Savior Mobile Remake” – Which let’s be honest here.. is an incredibly original name. You can bet they had to think real hard on that one, is going to be henceforth referred to as “Re: Tree of Savior.”
The original trailer was uploaded 4 years ago, and shows what the game looked like back in 2016.
No confirmation has been given as to whether the game will still look as it’s presented in the trailer or whether they’ve opted to change features, combat or even the overall style of graphics but other than issues with the game looking a little lower quality than I’d like, I don’t really think there’s any need to alter the game.
Well, maybe the combat.. as the combat looks a little slow.

There’s currently no release date set for the game, however, Nexon did post a roadmap featuring a list of their games scheduled for release within 2020. You can bet which game was included in that list, right? Yup, Tree of Savior Mobile Re- I mean, Re: Tree of Savior.
We don’t have specifics, granted, but we should expect it to release in some capacity this year. What languages are unknown, but we can only hope they have plans to release the game in English. Well, for those of us that A.) enjoy mobile games and B.) enjoy Tree of Savior.
I don’t believe there will be any connection between the PC version and the mobile game – no cross-play functionality at all.

I’m a fan of Tree of Savior – I’ve played it for quite a few hours and honestly.. while the trailer looks a little underwhelming, this isn’t a bad concept. I’m interested in seeing where the game ultimately ends up going.

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