RaiderZ Update: New Combat, New Animations, New Passive Skills

RaiderZ Update: New Combat, New Animations, New Passive Skills

If you’d been anticipating receiving info on Masangsoft’s upcoming re-release of the RaiderZ MMORPG.. then you’re finally in luck, as a few days ago they made a brand new post on their Facebook page detailing various changes coming to the game.

According to the Facebook post in question, they are making changes to the Questing system, allowing players to both begin and finish the main scenario quests without having to run back and forth between the NPC. Something that I feel is not really necessary, considering that’s part of what makes a quest a quest. Then they’re overhauling the animations, specifically combat animations and weapon animations as several of the weapon types shared the same animation type when wielding them. This is something I’m glad to see happening as there’s no need for a Mace and Sword to share the same animation. Finally they’re introducing a brand Passive skill system into the game in an attempt to compete with more complex class systems found in other MMOs. This is something that many players are claiming makes the game feel less unique, and that’s an understandable point. The game didn’t have this feature before and altering core facets of the game – features that made the game enjoyable for fans to begin with is a bad design choice.

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