RaiderZ Detail New Action Combat Updates Ahead Of Relaunch

RaiderZ Detail New Action Combat Updates

Masangsoft, the new developers behind the relaunch of the highly anticipated Action combat MMORPG RaiderZ have revealed new information pertaining to their combat system.

Dodging played a large part in combat as it provided players a beneficial “invulnerability” while dodging, rendering any enemy attacks useless. However, Masangsoft, in an attempt to increase the difficulty and overhaul the combat mechanics have removed the invulnerability buff from the dodge function all together, claiming that the “dodge function and the “enemy’s attack” system were unreasonable.” They aren’t removing the dodge function – merely removing the invulnerable condition applied with it.

In anticipation of the removal, they are increasing the dodge distance, the speed of the dodge, the base movement speed for your character, and various new skills such as Rush, Retreat, and other, yet undisclosed new skills.

While there are other combat updates under testing, Masangsoft have promised additional news and updates are on the horizon, so stay updated if you’re interested in what RaiderZ has planned for their re-release!

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    denise bardliving Reply
    Oct 11, 2018 @ 16:42 pm

    just what to know when is raiderz is coming out cant wait to play the some raiderz

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