Ragnarok Online RE:START – A New Beginning For This Classic Anime MMORPG!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings my name is Wiggy and before I get into this video, I want to say, WOW there’s a lot of MMO related news that’s been coming out the last few days. Alright so yeah Today’s news video is about Ragnarok Online, more
specifically Ragnarok RE:START.

So what is Re:START? It’s a brand new sever for Ragnarok Online. This special server is using the original Ragnarok content form way back in 2003, when it initially launched. This means the only content available is form the Midgard Kingdom. So in essence they are in fact “Restarting” Ragnarok, at least for the new server.

Now while this server will be returned to the original state back in 2003, they plan on adding the newer content over time, in order of when they were released, so the RE:START server won’t remain stagnant, and you’ll get to progress through the content like you did originally.

It is, in essence a new game. As you’ll be required create a new account for this special server.

Now I will personally say that this seems like a unique step for Gravity to take, allowing people to relive the glory days of Ragnarok Online. Whether or not this’ll bring new life into Ragnarok
will remain to be seem, but considering how many people still talk about the “old” Ragnarok, I feel as though it’ll be pretty active.

Now this special RE:START server is available right now, on steam! so you can go ahead and try it out for yourself, but remember you’ll need a new account!

Thanks for watching guys, and as always good day, night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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