Ragnarok Mobile – An Amazing New Anime MMORPG! Global Release Confirmed!

Greetings and salutations my lovely little Bytelings, my name is Wiggy and today I’ll be talking about Ragnarok’s new incarnation, Ragnarok Mobile.

Now, as you may know, I’m not usually fond of covering Mobile MMORPG news, as they’re often the same game with a different skin, but I do make the exception if I think said MMORPG seems worth it and Ragnarok Mobile seems to be.

Now you may not have been aware but, Ragnarok Mobile has been in testing for a few months and is currently playable in the Chinese version as it’s in its open beta tests, however Ragnarok Mobile’s global release is confirmed to be happening with this year, starting in Hong Kong, Korea and then everyone else, which means an English version of the game. I will point out before I continue that, there is a fan made English patch for Ragnarok Mobile, that has translated most of the game so far, if you’re impatient. Here is a quick demonstration of the English patch that Ragnarok Mobile uses. As you can no doubt see it’s quite impressive. Kudos to the amazing people who did the translations!

Back on track, Ragnarok Mobile looks very pretty, with updated versions of the sprite graphics that was used in the traditional Ragnarok title. Ragnarok Mobile also has some of the features found within its non mobile version. It does have less classes as the game is starting off fresh, and will be adding the classes in as they progress through episodes which are essentially large patches, updates or expansions. For instance the Chinese version of Ragnarok Mobile is entering episode 2.0 which will be adding brand new areas, 2 new classes, a pet system and a cooking profession. So it’s expected that future episodes will continue to add new areas and the other classes until you’ve got all of the ones found in it’s non mobile counterpart.

Generally Ragnarok Mobile looks great, and from the look of it, it plays great. Of course I haven’t had the luxury of playing this MMOPRG as of yet, so I can’t say
whether or not it “is” great. There have been complaints about the “auto-fighting” mechanic, which seems to be a common feature found in Mobile MMORPG’s; that aside it should also be noted that while there is auto-fighting, you can still manually fight as the game is quite punishing and therefore you can end up dead if you don’t participate in the fights. So the auto-fighting system seems to be available for weaker monsters, or to give your hands a break after completing quests that require you to kill 300 monsters. That’s not a joke either that is an actual quest.

Going by a general consensus, a lot of people are happy with how Ragnarok Mobile is going, of course there is people that dislike this MMORPG, as it’ll never truly live up to Ragnarok. But at least so far, there’s not a lot of hate surrounding it, which is a good thing. I personally think Ragnarok Mobile looks great, and that is the reason I wanted to alert you guys to its existence, just in case you guys were unaware.

Once we get a solid number on Ragnarok’s release date other than “within the year” I’ll be sure to inform you guys of it. But before you guys go a quick question, are you excited to play Ragnarok Mobile? Let me know it the comments! Either way guys, Thank you for watching this video I hope you found it helpful, and ass always good day night or afternoon wherever it is where you are and I’ll see you guys in the next video!

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