Ragnarok Begins Has Entered Closed Beta Testing

Ragnarok Begins Has Entered Closed Beta Testing

Earlier today, Gravity, the developers behind the upcoming “Ragnarok Begins” PC MMORPG went into Closed Beta testing. The test period will last through until September 7th, a week in total. This Beta test is specific to Korea, but they have plans on a global release.

According to the info supplied, this is a prequel to the Ragnarok Online MMO from the early 2000s. Set 100 years earlier, the story centers around the conflict between the Kingdom of Rune Midgard and the Principality of Arunafeltz, including the hidden story of the Pope.

Interestingly enough, Ragnarok Begins utilizes a side-scrolling gameplay type with a non-target action combat system. The developers have went on to state that they have every intention on reproducing the intricacies of the Ragnarok IP, including the unique character design found within the game.

While I didn’t get into the Closed Beta myself, I’ll be sure to reach out to content creators that did and see if I can’t secure some footage to compile into a video in the future.

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