Quinfall Might be the MMORPG Genre’s Next Big Hit

Quinfall Might be the MMORPG Genre's Next Big Hit

“The next great MMORPG” is a term we like to use to label every new upcoming MMO that holds any real type of promise.
Lost Ark, Blue Protocol, Throne & Liberty, Ashes of Creation, Riot’s new MMO. They all have the innate potential to be “the next great MMORPG,” I mean, putting it bluntly here: there really isn’t a lot of competition inhibiting them from attaining that title.
Which is where Quinfall comes in. Quinfall is a brand new Steam MMORPG – according to its Steam page, players will embark on an adventurous journey to explore the Quinfall universe.
They will become a part of unique battles and an immersive story – which MMOs are known for – the intricately woven, deep, narrative-driven experiences, right? – with dozens of different professions in the depths of medieval times in an all-new MMORPG experience.
Developed and Published both by Vawraek Technology Inc., with a release date confirmed for 2023, Quinfall is set to redefine the MMORPG genre, one pixel at a time.

In my curiosity, I went ahead and Googled the company in question. On their “about us” page, they go on to claim they were founded in January 2021. A company founded in 2021 are releasing an MMO that looks like this after a mere 2 years. 2 years, guys. For reference, Ashes of Creation, with the talented team they have have been in development for more than triple that – Bandai Namco, who have a history of producing AAA budget video games have been actively developing Blue Protocol for almost 4 years.

I’m sure fully releasing an MMO after 2 years is going to allow for you to – as you claim – become one of the pioneers of the MMO industry. And allow for you to create the largest Global MMORPG – at a scale nobody has ever seen before.
Those are grandiose claims.

But let’s not be too hasty and judge the game before we’ve even seen it. They released a gameplay trailer that is over 11 minutes in length that we’re going to take a look at.

So that trailer was captured entirely from their Alpha. And if I’m being honest, featured a lot of basic Unity store assets. I’m going to – for the sake of discussing the game and its features, disregard the fact that this feels like another Dreamworld debacle all over again. Because I’m sure that’s what we’re all thinking.
Nevertheless, Quinfall is built using the Unity engine. It is going to feature an extensive number of towns and cities, which are strategically spread across cliffs, shores, mountains and some are even located underground. There will be fully emulated weather conditions, like both rain and snow that interact with your character.
Similar to what NCSoft have claimed Throne & Liberty is doing. Some areas will flood entirely, and other areas will surface as the result of draught.
All of this on an insignificant budget, with a company that has no history of game development.
Stores will be run by players, meaning the economy is completely player-driven. What this means is that when the game is popular, the economy will be bustling. But when players grow bored and leave, there will be none. Which is why player-driven economies don’t work in the long-term. But that’s a discussion for another time.
NPCs – profession-related and merchants will move periodically throughout the city – presumably along a set route. There are going to be 11 professions in total.
There will be a type of farming present in-game, allowing players to plant seeds, and depending on the weather, harvest them. There is going to be a full breeding feature, allowing you to go out in the wild and tame monsters.
Monsters can be raised and – via the Husbandry profession, produce materials to aid in cooking, tailoring and other professions. As is evident, they thought of everything with this game. Every conceivable idea has been implemented in some form.
They confirmed they are going to implement a naval feature. Because other than aerial mounts, that’s all that’s left, right? You can build a ship, sail out on the ocean – where weather conditions are going to directly affect you, engage other players, and monsters.

This is arguably the most grandiose undertaking in the entire genre. Quinfall’s devs weren’t like “Y’know what? Let’s make an MMO that truly excels in one area. That redefines a certain aspect of the genre that players will thoroughly enjoy, and come back to because no other MMO provides them this aspect better.”
Instead, they were like “Guys, go to Reddit and find as many threads as you can detailing what players want from an MMO.” And this is what they ended up with.

This game could be good. More likely than not, it’s an asset flip. But they’re holding a Closed Beta in the very near future, so if you’re interested in trialing it out for yourself, you’re in luck. Judge it after playing it as opposed to from the UI-less, pre-rendered trailer they presented us with.

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