PSO2: New Genesis Previews What we Have to Look Forward to in 2021.

PSO2: New Genesis Previews What we Have to Look Forward to in 2021.

Sega recently held a 2 hour livestream where they opted to release quite a bit of information concerning the brand new upcoming Anime MMO.

In the livestream they addressed a number of changes being made to the game. The world itself is going to be drastically altered, from the small, linear world to much larger, much more engaging zones.

There will be substantially more to do in each zone as is evident in the video. Large boss monsters, entirely new events, even instances that appear within the zone you’re in. You’ll also be capable of navigating the world both X and Y axis, scaling mountains with the new Wall Kick feature.

While there are plenty of things added to the game, the two most notable are the combat overhaul and the graphical overhaul. The graphical overhaul looks incredible. This looks like a game that is actually released from this generation. From the environments to the characters themselves. The combat has also taken the game to the next level. Players always commented on how PSO2 had some of the best action combat in the genre, and this.. this makes PSO2’s combat feel very dated. Classes looked very fluid, abilities felt impactful. Overall this is a fantastic change to see.

And you can go swimming too!

There’s also the cross-play between both PSO2 and New Genesis. They touched on how seamless transferring between versions of the game is, and went on to show how the new graphical overhaul would look in the current PSO2 world.

All in all, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is looking to be a contender for the best Anime MMORPG of 2021, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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