Project V4, Nexon’s Brand New Mobile MMORPG is Launching on to PC

Project V4, Nexon's Brand New Mobile MMORPG is Launching on to PC

Alright, so this was actually announced back in November. I’ve been meaning to talk about it honestly, but I kept forgetting about it.
Every time I went to write something up another game would have some big announcement that would deter me from posting about it at that moment. No more! I don’t think I’ve actually ever even talked about V4 – so I guess this’ll be something new for all you guys.

Let’s get this outta the way first: V4 or Project V4 is an upcoming Mobile MMORPG developed by NAT Games and being published by Nexon. I know, I know. The name Nexon is enough to almost make you throw up in your mouth a little bit.
NAT Games, though, are the developers behind HIT and Overhit, 2 games that are also published by Nexon.
So at the very least, they have a decent track record with regards to making popular, successful games, depending how you look at their list of published games thus far.
V4 is being built on Unreal Engine 4, has a variety of classes – as pretty much every MMORPG does, and.. well, yeah. I don’t think there’s really a need to delve into what kind of features the game brings because it’s a pretty basic MMO.

The game world looks beautiful, the characters and character models are about what you’d expect from a South Korean Mobile MMO.
The world itself is open with some areas being PvEvP – allowing for players to do battle with one another while trying to accomplish whatever objectives the map brings.
One laughable statement NAT made was that the game will have very “dense” maps, replicating the feel of a “PC MMORPG” on Mobile Devices. Like, I’m gonna be real here.. there is no Mobile MMO that has the feel of a PC MMO.
Not even Black Desert Mobile feels like a PC MMO. These South Korean game devs always making these grandiose statements about how they’re bringing PC MMOs to Mobile devices is just asinine at this point.
Just be honest: It’s a Mobile MMO that looks and plays like a Mobile MMO. It might be better than their last game, for sure, but it is not going to compare to a PC game. Not for a while.

But it doesn’t have to be – Mobile MMOs are different, they appeal to a different market, a different generation of gamer. They don’t have to constantly try to be something they’re not.
They just have to keep improving until they get something that is truly great. Something that is really enjoyable.
Which actually leads me to the point of this entire discussion.. Nexon have announced that they are going to be launching the game onto PC as well. Yes, a game designed exclusively for Mobile devices is going to be ported over to PC.
See, where games like Gran Saga and Genshin Impact were designed with the intention of releasing cross-platform, and NCSoft are launching their Purple Platform to emulate Mobile games on PC natively, Nexon are just.. directly porting the game over.
This is Nexon for you. Instead of providing a better experience for PC gamers, instead we’re going to receive a cheap port.

I’m all for cross-platform games. I think they’re probably the future at this point.
What I dislike is the fact that companies – certain companies like Nexon are putting absolutely no effort into constructing, designing a game that is built for more than Mobile devices.

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