Project TL, What Happened?

When was the last time we received new information on Project TL? The beginning of 2018? That’s almost a year and a half ago.
Man, how time flies. I remember the last video I did on the game speaking about how they had plans to launch the Lineage successor into closed beta during 2018 but we all know how that turned out.
Since then, we’ve all been preoccupied with Lost Ark. Why wouldn’t we, though?
Project TL, formerly known as Lineage Eternal was expected to be the main competition for Lost Ark but.. well, with Lost Ark already playable, and no word on Project TL, you know which game came out on top.
But that doesn’t mean the game isn’t still being actively worked on or that the game will somehow be inferior.

Although honestly, I would like the team behind it to come out and let us know what’s going on.
NCSoft are pretty terrible with regards to keeping their community in the loop and are more interested in earnings over creating a game that people can enjoy which is evident by their shift in focus to mobile MMOs.


Project TL, originally known as Lineage: Eternal or Lineage 3 is an upcoming 3D fantasy MMORPG that is set in the world of the Lineage franchise, supposedly being a direct sequel to the original Lineage game.
After failing to garner the attention of the MMO community under the Lineage: Eternal title, and showing disappointing gameplay they decided to overhaul the game from the ground up.
So, naturally the long delay could be due to the fact that they’re reworking so much of the game but a little bit of information I found recently kinda.. offputs me a little.
From what I was aware, NCSoft announced the game as a PC MMORPG. It had graphics that were supposed to rival Lost Ark, gameplay that was supposed to put it at the top of the Action MMO market.
But as of right now, the team promises that the game will have “streamlined gameplay and support for mobile devices.” Yes, support for mobile devices.
Because Lineage 2: Revolution on mobile wasn’t bad enough, Project TL could very well end up being cross-compatible with mobile devices as well, if they’re not already optimizing the game for it.
Lineage Eternal was sold with the notion that you could tackle any obstacle in a variety of ways, providing you the ability to not only amass, but also field several characters concurrently – which goes against the normal single character control we traditionally have.
Project TL instead opted to scratch that idea and go the generic, tried-and-tested route. Which is fine. Just a little disappointing for me when I heard it way back when.
The game features a large, fully open world with lots of unique zones to explore and events to participate in. It has the same action combat you’d expect out of an Action RPG like Diablo, Path of Exile or even Lost Ark.
Dungeons are randomly generated and offer dynamic experiences every time you decide to tackle them. There are also World bosses and Raids featuring a currently undisclosed amount of players.
PvP takes the form of open-world PvP and Arena PvP. This could be an issue for some players as they hate being killed out in the open-world while questing or leveling.


Very good question. At the beginning of 2018, NCSoft revealed that Project TL was ahead of schedule, running very well in terms of development.
They announced that they were doing so well, in fact, that they had every intent on conducting a closed beta test during the second half of 2018.
However, here we are in the second half of 2019 and not a word has left NCSoft’s mouth as to what, exactly, is going on.
Project TL was slated for a 2019 release, however with the state the game is currently in and their focus.. that seems a little unlikely.
If we don’t get any new information this year it’d be safe to say that an expected date before 2022 would be unlikely.
This is for the Korean version of the game, mind you. When could we expect a North American and European release of the game? Probably 2 years, minimum after it launches in South Korea. Probably more.
So, yes, while the game is likely not dead yet, by the time it finally releases people will have long since forgotten about it like I’m sure most of you already have.
I mean how many of you guys are still anticipating Project TL? Genuinely curious.


Honestly, I’m not entirely certain what to think.
I enjoyed playing Lineage 2. I never played the original Lineage so I can’t speak for its plot or gameplay.
I never played Lineage 2 for a prolonged period of time because honestly, although it was fun, I enjoyed other MMOs more.
Having Project TL be a direct continuation of the Lineage story is a very cool idea, and a way to bring back OG players.
However their mismanagement of the game and lack of communication with the community is disconcerting. Peria Chronicles kept people in the dark for over a year, but Nexon assured players it was still in the works.
NCSoft are completely silent. That doesn’t bode well and I feel like that isn’t a very effective way of creating a community of players that trust you.
But then I’m not a game developer, so what do I know about maintaining a community that trusts you.
I was honestly more hyped when Lineage: Eternal and Lost Ark were both announced for the former, honestly. Now? I fear that by the time I play Project TL, if ever, I’ll be nearing my 40s.
At least with Lost Ark we only have to wait another, what? 3-4 years, max. Hopefully.
I’m a little sour that they’re likely putting much more of a focus on the mobile version though as that’s where the vast majority of microtransactions and therefore, earnings are going to come from.
But then NCSoft is obsessed with them. Just like every other South Korean MMO developer and mobile game publisher.

But, what do you guys think? Are you still excited for Project TL? Did you forget it even existed? Think it’ll ever released, or have NCSoft scrapped the game?

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    SinoLee Reply
    Jul 21, 2019 @ 1:48 am

    Hope i can win this. I really want to play this game!

  • author image
    Sinn Adraelia Reply
    Nov 23, 2019 @ 8:27 am

    I have played nearly every NCSoft game so far I was originally a Lineage player who took up Lineage II with a passion I bought the collectors edition box sets back in the day I still have them to this day. I was looking forward to Eternal as well to hear that Project TL was coming I was a little excited but also apprehensive after what they did to previous versions. I am not a mobile player I am a PC gamer mostly I do have a console as well. I have looked forward to this title for a while now as it looks like a major step forward in the Lineage line of games and I am getting disappointed as time marches on and no release date yet at least not here in the states. I am still hoping that they will release this title in the near future but at this moment I am not holding my breath.

  • author image
    Dec 2, 2019 @ 16:03 pm

    […] news, right? So I did a video on Project TL back in July, where I talked about the lack of information released from NCSoft in terms of the game’s […]

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