Project STAR: The Counter:Side Sequel?

Project STAR: The Counter:Side Sequel?

Whenever I report on monthly financials, there’s always one or two of you that leave a comment like “Where is Counter:Side?” – And as much as I enjoyed the gameplay in Counter:Side, the game just didn’t appeal the market at large.
StudioBSide, the developer responsible for Counter:Side are aware of this, and have since announced a brand new game they’ve had in the works: Project STAR.
And the best part of all of this? It’s connected to Counter:Side, much like how HoYo are attempting to interconnect their Honkai games, or how Hypergryph are interconnecting Arknights with Endfield.

Project STAR was announced – or – teased might be the more applicable term here, during a showcase of updates – an entire roadmap planned for Counter:Side, detailing the game’s future.
And while I’m not actively playing Counter:Side, I’m glad it’s still actively receiving updates. After they were done with their roadmap presentation, came the reveal nobody was expecting: Project STAR.

Project STAR and Counter:Side, as noted, share a connected world, but are at the same time completely disconnected from one another. Which admittedly sounds very confusing.
There are characters shared amongst games – like Maria Antonov’s awakened silhouette, which I’m sure you guys immediately recognized during the trailer. But they’re set in different time periods, and also feature entirely different settings.
Counter:Side is set in a kind of post-apocalyptic, dystopian future, where Project STAR is a purely fantasy-based game like Genshin or Epic Seven.
Unfortunately not a whole lot else was revealed. It’s going to be a traditional fantasy-RPG, will feature a bounty-board system supposedly. I’m going to assume a type of horizontal combat – where characters move horizontally across the screen, kinda like Eversoul.
The animation shown during the trailer though was gorgeous, and I honestly hope the characters in-game are presented in 3D as opposed to chibi, but either way, I cannot wait to see full gameplay when they progress far enough through the development process that they reveal it.

This was an exciting, albeit unexpected reveal. This could be a quality game release – as Counter:Side was actually a pretty solid title. And it isn’t the typical Chinese churn ‘n burn, thus it holds a semblance of potential.

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