Project Sakura Wars Actually Looks Really, Really Good.

Project Sakura Wars Actually Looks Really, Really Good.

This has been a franchise that has been going on since the mid 1990s. Now don’t hate me for this but I’ve never actually played a Sakura Wars game.
But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for this – Project Sakura Wars looks astounding. I love adventure games, and I love me some JRPG.
Plus, seeing as the characters are designed by Tite Kubo – the author of Bleach – with me being quite the fan of Bleach’s character designs as well, you can color me incredibly excited.
The game takes place in a beautiful, fantastical steam-based variation of Tokyo featuring a.. kind of hybrid of both Japanese and Western culture, set twelve years after Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love.

Now, I haven’t watched any trailer up to this point regarding the game as I was excited for and didn’t want to ruin my raw reactions to the game trailer.

As is evident, the graphics and locales are absolutely beautiful. I love the route Japan is taking with their games these days – and you can really tell that good ‘ol Kubo is behind the character designs.
They look like a more modernized version of Bleach, and I’ll admit, it’s interesting how well his style translated into 3D.
One point worth noting if you’re new to the franchise like I am is that Sakura Wars, and more specifically Project Sakura Wars, allows for the romancing of the women in-game.
I’m uncertain of the extent that you can go when romancing, but I know that it’s a prominent part of the game for a lot of players.
The very flashy combat is fully action – no tab-target, no turn-based, complete action combat. You can use normal attacks, special attacks, dashes, flips; you’re essentially a robot ninja.
Honestly the combat looks very fast-paced and should be highly enjoyable. The only issue is that it seems as though combat takes place mostly – if not completely in mechs.
This might need further clarification, though.
Seriously, the visuals in Project Sakura Wars are absolutely gorgeous. I’m sold on this game from just watching the trailer. I’m looking forward to playing this when it launches in North America next year.
The game launches initially on PS4 on December 12 this year, whereas a Spring 2020 release has been confirmed for both North America and Europe. Which is a similar time-frame to Phantasy Star Online 2, interestingly.

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  • author image
    NTT says:
    Hope I got it. My luck has been never good to me in my life.....
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