Project Ragnarok Release Date? Brand New Upcoming MMORPG!

Project Ragnarok is a Brand New Upcoming Cross-Platform MMORPG!

This is exciting news for us as MMORPG fans, and especially console MMO fans as I feel as though you guys are often neglected in terms of releases. So often MMOs tend to release on either PC or Mobile devices, with you guys being treated as third-class citizens.
No more! NetEase has announced a brand new upcoming AAA-budget MMORPG titled “Project Ragnarok” launching completely cross-platform between PC, Consoles and Mobile devices.

Now this was actually announced a few weeks ago, but I’d neglected to discuss it for whatever reason. So here we are, today, ready to not only discuss the game, but also jump in and watch the trailer together.

What is Project Ragnarok?

Now I’m firmly of the opinion that the trailer wasn’t using the in-game engine, but rather a form of cinematic engine to show off the graphical style of the game.
This is a single trailer, and all of the footage we have released pertaining to Project Ragnarok thus far, and as such the final, in-game result will likely be quite different to what is shown here.
But considering this is also simultaneously launching on to both PC and Consoles leaves me with the hope that it could possibly look this good in-game. Project Ragnarok, which I’ll just be calling Ragnarok henceforth is a brand new upcoming cross-platform MMORPG inspired by Norse mythology.
The game is set in a large, beautiful open-world with a plethora of activities to do and real-world interaction in the form of climbing and grappling.
From what the trailer suggests and what NetEase have revealed, it looks as though the game is going to utilize full-action combat although ultimately what the final product will look like and how will it’ll play is another discussion entirely.

There was a second trailer released for Ragnarok on Twitter, albeit this one in particular was only approximately 30 seconds long.
The trailer showed what was referred to as “in-game gameplay,” providing a look at the real-world interaction we talked about just a moment ago, some of the environments you’ll see comprising the world, and the player briefly walking around the world itself.

The story of Ragnarok is simple: The destruction of Ragnarok is coming as per the doomsday prophecy, and you’re summoned as a hero to the mortal world to stop the destruction from taking place.

Supposedly, NetEase is investing quite a bit of money into Ragnarok, and I truly hope that this is reflected in the game.
Making a game, especially an MMORPG to appease gamers in today’s market is a difficult feat. Making one for every platform is something I haven’t seen done correctly yet, and I’ve been in the MMO market for over 15 years.

Project Ragnarok Release Date?

Project Ragnarok was announced in May 2020. At the time of its release, it did not have a confirmed release date, however, many people are anticipating Project Ragnarok to launch in 2021. Will Ragnarok end up being an MMO worth playing? Only time will tell. Regardless, I’m watching this closely.

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