Project Blood is a Brand New Action RPG from LINE GAMES

Project Blood is a Brand New Action RPG from LINE GAMES

A brand new game was just announced.. “Project Blood,” and honestly… the image used to advertise the game is.. well, something that only people of a certain.. cultural inclination would enjoy.

Now I’m genuinely not sure whether to be disturbed at the body ratios being so off – just take a moment to look at her head for a minute here.
She has a severe case of “entire head being smaller than single booba.” Or if I should be impressed, because this is done by the same dude that designed many of the characters in Destiny’s Child. Wait. Destiny’s Child? Destiny.. Child?
I don’t think there’s supposed to be an S at the end there. Regardless, whether or not you played and enjoyed Destiny Child, you cannot argue the character models for that game were absolutely stunning.

Players were quick to… notice the very same thing I was. And it seems as though future potential players are divided.
On the one hand, there were many people claiming the body proportions are a serious distraction – being “horrendous,” or making the character look like an “abomination.”
On the other hand, there were also equally as many people claiming the body proportions are exactly what they want: a single word was used repeatedly to describe that – thicc.


Honestly, all we have to go off of right now are 4 things.
1.) This is a game being developed by Line Games, the very same developers that brought us titles like Exos Heroes, Guardian Chronicles, Royal Crown and Undecember.
2.) The game itself is going under the name “Project Blood” for the time being. This is subject to change as the game gets closer to release, much like the majority of games with the “Project” prefix.
3.) It was confirmed that development for the game is going to begin in February 2022. This means next month. They have yet to elaborate on how large the development team is going to be, nor when they expect to see Alpha or Beta tests.
4.) This is going to be a 2D side-scrolling action game, much like Castlevania, MapleStory or Dungeon Fighter Online.

We don’t have a confirmed release date at all yet. It might launch this year, it might launch in 2024.
We have no trailer for the game, we have no real artwork to go off of other than the small glimpse of one of the characters. Which, again, looked absolutely stunning.
This is not going to be an MMO. I’m unsure what platforms this is going to launch on at present. The game, once more, won’t even enter development until next month so I’m going to assume platforms are still strongly under discussion.

Given that I loved Guardian Tales and thought Exos Heroes was a solid title, though, I feel as though regardless of what platforms this launches onto, regardless of if it’s a Gacha game, a full-RPG or a visual novel, I’m probably going to have some fun in it.
And I’m sure a lot of you will as well. I know you guys too well to know that you’re into a lot of the same stuff I am after all. Otherwise you wouldn’t be watching me!

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