Project Awakening Release Date? What is Project Awakening?

Project Awakening Release Date? What is Project Awakening?

Seriously, this game looks incredible. No clickbait, no overexaggeration. Just facts. This genuinely looks beautiful – and we get to see in-game footage as opposed to cinematics, something I wish more developers would do. Also, no, this is not a mobile game or mobile-compatible.

Project Awakening is an upcoming Japanese open-world co-operative RPG from Cygames, known for the Granblue Fantasy games, Dragalia Lost, the Rage of Bahamut Anime and other Anime series, among other things.
This was initially announced back in 2018, and was expected to release towards the end of 2019, but obviously that didn’t really pan out, right?
Project Awakening is targeting a Western audience – being built for Westerners in mind as opposed to their own Japanese players, as Cygames is looking to expand into the Western market by developing Western games with Japanese polish, something that is rarely done in this day and age.

The reason I’m covering this today is due to the fact that it’s a large cooperative action RPG, allowing up to 12 players to join a group and tackle content together in a large, fully open world.
Yup – 12 players concurrently occupying the same world. This is something Cygames have never attempted before, a game this large, a game of this caliber.
It’s a daunting task that could arguably mean the end of their expansion into the West but at the same time, this looks really damn good. The developers are used to story-driven JRPGs and as such are attempting to find a balance between their narrative and the focus on gameplay.
Inspiration for the game comes from titles like The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones and if the trailer is anything to go off of – it’s going to be incredibly brutal, and feature large-scale boss encounters that are going to either require a large group or careful coordination.

Supposedly, the open world is going to be completely seamless, allowing for players to actively travel across its entirety without needing to pass through loading screens.
I’m not sure what this means in terms of dungeons or cities, but I’m sure they’ll elaborate on that the closer the game gets to releasing.
Cygames, during their last interview stated that they’re still in the process of deciding on several other features such as magic and a class system, as right now, other than opting to choose between male and female, and having individual weapons you can equip, there are no individual classes.

Project Awakening Release Date

What is the current expected Project Awakening release date? Currently, it is unknown when Project Awakening will release. At this rate, it’s doubtful it’ll roll out this year, but 2021 definitely looks promising.
With how good the game looked in 2018, it’s definitely a possibility we’ll see this look even better next year than it did back a couple years ago.
The game is scheduled to release onto the PS4, with a potential PC release date coming some time after the fact. While PC compatibility is unconfirmed, it’s something they’re definitely looking at and considering.

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    Greg Fantich Reply
    Aug 25, 2020 @ 4:54 am

    Will this game be offline playing option

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